Saturday, August 6, 2011

LIVE FEED: Rick Perry's "The Response"

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If you missed Perry's speech at the event, here it is:

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Anonymous said...

I've see more people at my son's high school football game

Anonymous said...

Some of those people speaking look and sound scary.

Anonymous said...

I watched Perry's speech and found myself in agreement with everything he said, but in total disagreement with the event itself, and the sponsors.

How it plays out for Perry remains to be seen, but it seems like Evangelicals would eat this up. I have to admit it's pretty darn bold. This was not something even Huck would do.


craigs said...

I agree with you, Martha. But the Evangelicals have several candidates "de jure". How they will split between Bachmann, Santorum and Perry will be fascinating, particularly in the Iowa Caucus. I doubt Perry has much impact on Romney, but a whole of of impact on these folks.