Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dumb & Dumber

Rick Perry attended Texas A&M. I don't know much about the school, but a Perry classmate described it, "A&M wasn't exactly Harvard on the Brazos River"

A Perry spokesperson stated recently that Perry's time at the University, "helped shape who he is today."

Now I realize that everyone can't graduate from Harvard Law School with a double degree, one a Jurist Doctorate and the other an MBA. So he's no Mitt Romney. But heck, One should make the best of your education. As you know, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

It seems that Perry while at A&M, wasn't exactly a Rhodes Scholar. Heck, he wasn't even a good student. according to his transcripts that were just released, he either didn't take his time at A&M seriously, or he didn't have the aptitude to do well.

Here are his college transcripts:

Rick Perry's Texas A&M Transcript

U.S. History "C"............Principals of Economics "D".....YIKES!.........and he wants to be President?

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Pablo said...


In the Tea Party, flunking out of Texas A&M is much better than graduating at the top of your class at Harvard Law and Business. This is not a negative for Perry. In fact, it will help him relate to Tea Party voters.

Anonymous said...

I would put Rick Perry as the third or forth choice candidate in the Republican field. My first choice is Mitt Romney followed closely by Tim Pawlenty. Whoever is in third would be a distant third.

Even so, I'm not fond of the direction of this commentary. Maybe Texas A&M has changed a great deal since 1970, but today, A&M is a good university. They've brought in some top people to establish some strong departments. Disparaging A&M's academic reputation may not be accurate at all and is not a good move politically. Doing so is particularly risky for anyone associated with Mitt Romney. One of Mr. Romney's biggest challenges is that he's seen as being out of touch with everyday folks, and everyday folks are much more likely to have a degree from a place like Texas A&M than they are from Harvard. In addition, the political correctness that has corrupted Harvard over the years means that a Harvard degree just doesn't mean as much as the same degree would have meant years ago.

While Mr. Perry's poor scores in subjects like economics and history are disturbing, his willingness to take some hard science classes makes me more likely to vote for him. How many other candidates for president have even tried to take organic chemistry? I'm always disturbed by the idea of politicians trying to make energy policy when they've never taken a class in organic chemistry much less physical chemistry and thermodynamics. We might have better policy around some of these science/engineering issues if the people making the policy had some background in these subjects. I saw an article that credibly claimed that the average cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans professional football team had more training in science and engineering than the average member of Congress. Mr. Perry's academic record is poor, but he's at least taken some classes in science and technical areas.

Admittedly, in a country where people don't think very much, a candidate who can boast good grades will do better with swing voters against Obama. I doubt that Obama's academic record is very good either, but he's hiding the record and has too many sycophants in the media who tout his brilliance. If Rick Perry comes across as "another stupid Texas governor," he'll have a hard time winning swing states.

Anonymous said...

careful, donald trump is somewhere calling for obamas college transcript

Anonymous said...

pablo, by your analysis then, either the tea party are a bunch of dumb asses or the average american is a dumbass. So they would rather side with somebody with not so good of grades or smarts than with someone who graduated on top of their class?

In a way you are right, you can compare that to people who ridicule romney for looking too sharp, such as always wearing a suit or his hair being to perfectly placed, which has forced him to ditch the tie and let a couple of hairs out of place. Its a shame good grooming practices is now criticized.

Mensa4Romney said...


I knew Perry was an idiot.

This confirms it.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I think you miss the point. This is not about Texas A&M. Perry is known as a mental lightweight, these transcripts confirm it. Fair or not, the idea has been planted, and he will have a difficult time changing the narrative. Maybe some good old boys won't mind, but the rest will be harder to convince.

I agree with Pablo- graduating from a place like Harvard is now something to sneer at by the less educated. It's a rather upside-down state of affairs, IMO, and not something to defend.

I believe--I hope that we are moving away from the idea that we need to have a president who we can yuk it up with, and who is just like us. This situation calls for something more. Perry doesn't fill the bill.


Anonymous said...

if My kid gets into T A&M, I'm happy. If my kid gets into Harvard or Yale.... Whaooo!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing the happy dance to the bank to pull out his/her funding for it.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, politics is most often a popularity contest. Both Palin and Perry are charismatic people who got where they are based mostly on persona. Nothing wrong with a little charisma if you want to win an election, but I'd like a little bit more.

After watching some Perry interviews, I see why some people say he's not all that bright.

We have better options, and I think Perry will quickly fizzle.


Al's Brother said...

I could have used a certain female wannabe's photo instead of A. E. Neuman. It would have made a more relevant point.

Anonymous said...

Perry on the Jon Stewart show:

Palin talking to 'Sarkozy":

Interestingly, the pranksters said Palin and Brittney Spears are the only 2 people who had to eventually be told they were being pranked.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing bad to say about Texas A&M, but I have to say that Perry's transcripts are less than impressive. I graduated magna cum laude with my B.S., so anything lower than a B drives me absolutely crazy! Still, too many D's on that transcript. My husband HATES school, but he still managed to graduate with only one D on his transcript, and he's an engineer. Sorry, Rick, not impressive.

My daughter is leaving for college soon. She has heard from many of the top colleges in the US, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and others. When she attended Harvard's presentation, the intellectual sent out to "recruit" new students was incredulous when she asked a question about actually getting a real job after graduation. He was so stunned that someone would want to work after graduating from Harvard, that my daughter was less than impressed. She is majoring in Mechanical Engineering, so she will go to a school where they will pay for her tuition for four years. If she wants to get a Master's Degree, she will consider somewhere else. I guess we're pretty "normal" people, after all.

By the way, Mitt Romney graduated from BYU first, before he went to Harvard. BYU may be a private school, but it means Mitt had to "rub shoulders" with a lot of regular students BEFORE he went to Harvard.