Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Debt Ceiling Compromise: Winners and Losers

There is winning and losing involved with many decisions one makes as we go through life.

Most decisions are made with the best intentions, but in saying that, many decisions have a domino effect. What I consider a good decision, some one else will deem it bad.

Case in point, the debt ceiling compromise just signed by the President. Who or what is the BIGGEST WINNER and the BIGGEST LOSER in this long and painful ordeal. I've compiled a list below to get you thinking, but feel free to choose something or someone not listed.

Please choose only one biggest winner and one biggest loser and a brief explanation as to why:

President Obama
The economy/jobs
Our Grandkids
America's Defense
Democrats hopes in 2012
Republicans hopes in 2012
The Tea Party
GOP candidates for 2012, (individual candidates)

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Anonymous said...

Bosman, you are working too hard, but keep it up!


craigs said...

Biggest loser.......The economy and jobs.
Business can live with risk. It models for it in advance. Business cannot live with uncertainty. It cannot anticipate the unknown. This legislation creates 6-12 months of uncertainty exacerbated by a national election. Nobody knows what, for example, the super congress will recommend at the end of the year. No one knows if Obama would sign off on anything or what. Uncertainty will add to the economy's problems

Biggest winner.......Romney

I know, I know, LOL. Many of you will say, OH Craig pulled the Romney chain again. But think, for a second.
This legislation, resolving nothing, has GUARANTEED that the economy, finances, jobs will be front and center in the national debate over the next 12 months. No room for social issues, little room for defense. Only the economy.....and that is truly a fortunate outcome for a candidate who's running on his experience with economics and capitalism
So....that's my picks. have fun


Anonymous said...

No explanation, but I think the biggest loser is defense. I guess that makes some people happy, but like someone else said, it's penny-wise and pound foolish.