Friday, August 12, 2011

CNN's Don Cooper Gets Respect From Palin, Elbows From Bachmann's Staff And Husband

CNN's Don Lemon caught up with Governor Palin today at the Iowa State Fair. The reporter's name may ring a bell with some of our readers. Moments later, Mr. Lemon got roughed up by two members of Michele Bachmann's staff and Marcus Bachmann while respectfully asking a few innocent questions.

Anyhow, here's the video of the Palin interview. She is clearly in her element amongst large crowds. I enjoy these impromtu interviews much more than the ones that have her cooped up in her studio in Alaska.

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Anonymous said...

RW, I agree that Palin does very well in a crowd. She seems very down to earth, and comfortable.

But make no mistake--she is stealing the spotlight, as she and everyone else knows. She didn't seem to be able to resist the media opportunity of Iowa this week.

I hope she does not intend to do this at every big campaign event, unless of course she decides to actually be a candidate.


DanL said...

Why all the holy indignation at Palin and Perry for upstaging Ames? I just don't get why anyone would want to defend Ames. It is a bought and paid for event, the worst sort of politics. I, for one, love it that Palin is stealing the thunder on the ground and that Perry may tick off the Ames people by announcing in SC. Iowa in general is such a worthless state with its caucus. They are so far divorced from the rest of the country and the values of the rest of the country. They never pick the candidate when they go out on their own, and they almost certainly won't pick this years candidate either.

DanL said...

Didn't team Bachmann rough up another reporter a few weeks back when he tried to ask Michele about her migraines? This is becoming a trend with her campaign.

Anonymous said...

Dan screw you!! Iowa is my home state and you disrespect and talk like its a piece of crap. No wonder my fellow iowans said no to your mormon boy mitt! You wanna talk a crappy state? Its Utah, who votes overwhelmingly for someone who is a flippity flopper and a RINO only because he is a mormon!