Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where has the Rick Perry and Al Gore documentation gone?

There is something rotten in Denmark. It is a fact that Rick Perry not only endorsed Al Gore for President back in 1988 when he was a Democrat, he was also Gore's Texas Campaign Chairman.

I would think that being a Texas political figure at the time and the Chairman of Gore's campaign, there should be some documents out there with quotes of praise from Perry on Gore. Think again, nada....zilch!

Does this seem a little strange to you that as Chairman of Gore's campaign, that not one quote can be found from Perry? Maybe he ran Gore's campaign incognito? Perhaps a code name like 'the Green Gringo'?

I challenge anyone to find a correspondence, document, quote, video, etc, from Rick Perry as Gore's Texas Campaign Chairman. Go ahead, give it a try. Do a search. You'll come up empty handed.

There is plenty out there after the fact, when Perry became a Republican and started to bad mouth Gore. But NOTHING when they where tight!

Now I'll confess, Saturday is usually a slow news day and I had the full intention of writing an Al Gore post with several quotes from Perry. I was going to have everyone guess who said all those kind words and then reveal Perry's name. So now, I'm stuck with this.

So what does this mean? Anything? Could Perry have endorsed Gore, ran his Texas campaign and LEFT NO TRACKS? Or has somehow, these tracks been covered up or erased for some reason?

Now who would want to do a thing like that?

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Anonymous said...

That does seem strange. How could someone have all that erased?

Allen said...

There are companies out there that you can contract with that help people hide things on the web that thy may not be proud of any more.

What they do is flood search engines with alternate articles so if you are searching for that negative fact, several positive links will surface. The one you want will be buried probably several search pages away.

I'm not saying that this is what happened, but it is a posibility.

Terry said...

I wouldn't be surprised if that information was removed.

money talks.

Ben said...

I took the challenge and came up dry.

There are no photos, quotes, documents, videos, nothing. Squeaky clean.

Anonymous said...



Right Wingnut said...

You're going back to 1988. You won't find much online from that far back.

Anonymous said...

The searches would pick up archived items if there were any there.

Ann said...

I couldn't find any details between Perry and Gore. Only that Perry was his Campaign Chairman in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they would come out with this information in the Gen Election..........IF, IF Perry were to "dupe" the Repubs into nominating him as a REAL alternative to the current POTUS.

Sprachnessmonster said...

Looking at what Perry has/has not done since his association with the criminal Al Gore is all I need to know that Perry is just another Sock Puppet for the New World Order and must be stopped.
What a preening pompous poseur...kinda reminds me of Blago.
We must discredit him with truth before he achieves media hyped personality cult status like Obama...and Hitler.
Unless you want a 4th term for Bush. :-()

Anonymous said...

I believe it was likely through reputation management. See They are known for scrubbing the web and they are not the only company doing it.