Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Texas and New Hampshire Tea Parties join forces against Rick Perry

In spite of his thundering speeches against big government, Governor Rick Perry of Texas has a troubled relationship with the Tea Party movement, a rift increasingly obvious as he gets closer to a presidential bid.

Tea Party groups from New Hampshire to Texas are joining to criticize Perry’s record on immigration, public health, and spending, as well as his former affiliation with the Democratic Party.
“It’s real easy to walk into church on Sunday morning and sing from the hymnal,’’ said Debra Medina, a Texas Tea Party activist who challenged Perry in the 2010 Republican gubernatorial primary. “I saw a guy that talked like a Tea Party candidate, but didn’t govern like one. I still don’t think he governs like the conservative he professes to be.’’

Texas conservatives recently shared material on Perry’s record with the New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition, which dedicated a section of its website to the Texas governor. The coalition offers links to negative media coverage and videos about the man who it says “was Al Gore’s Democrat chairman’’ in 1988. Perry switched to the Republican Party in 1989, around the same time as other conservative Democrats.

The organization also distributed a series of e-mails to supporters, including one warning, “We should be aware there is more to him than meets the eye.’’
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Check out the NH Tea Party link in the thread. They really have compiled quite a list of items regarding Perry and his record in Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone is talking up Perry as the only one who can now challenge Romney. I don't see it. He's going to be a huge disappointment. It takes all of one day to learn everything you need to know about him, and he's not the one.

Sorry, Rick. You may think God is calling, but you're not what America needs right now.



Anonymous said...

Good news. I think Perry would be a disastrous president.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do agree with you on that one, DanL.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Perry would be worse than Bush. And Bush was certainly no Reagan.

Perry is Bush on steroids. He grew the TX government more, he supported open borders more, and abused executive power more. He also has sold his soul to international bankers and NeoCons.

BOSMAN said...

And he's the WEIRDEST of the group!

I'd like to ask him, If you were called, who called the others?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the NH Tea Party comes through with full force. Perry needs to be stopped in NH.

Anonymous said...

Someone had posted this on MRC chat:

Laie for Mitt: Great line from Jay Leno 7/19, “Perry said that God wants hin to run and Bachman said that God wants her to run” and then Jay says he thinks God wants Mitt to run, great line!!

LOVE to see the video clip of this!!!

Anonymous said...

Just getting to learn about Perry, I've noticed his wrinkle lines several times. Not that I don't have any...but I wonder if he is a smoker. That would explain for me, if so.

Does anyone know if he is/was a smoker?

Anonymous said...

It appears so, 6:07.