Sunday, July 10, 2011

Steve Bannon Rips Bachmann Over Medicaid Payments

Steve Bannon, producer of The Undefeated, was interviewed by PV Radio this past week. He admits to being a Bachmann fan, but he has some legitimate concerns over the $137,000 in Medicaid payments Michele and her husband have received for their clinics.

I'm not sure how much longer conservatives will continue to ignore this stuff, but the evidence is mounting by the day. Bachmann isn't the small government warrior she plays on TV.

....“And I think quite frankly, she’s got to learn to answer questions. Like Chris Wallace asked a very straightforward question, she had every opportunity to explain this. And she gave quite frankly, an unacceptable answer. The answer was very misleading. And that’s just not going to wash, particularly if you want to hold the banner of the Tea Party, you’ve got to almost be a purist. That means, if you believe in limited government, then you’ve really got to believe in limited government. You can’t talk about limited government and take the benefits from the large state.“....

"...Bachmann and Associates...The state can't afford to pay for this stuff...go to the website. One of it's principle things is turning gay guys straight. To me, that ought to be a charity function. That's not something the state should be reimbursing for."
H/T Stacy Drake

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Anonymous said...

He's not sure how long conservatives will continue to ignore this stuff?

Forever, that's how long. At least the good folks of Iowa. Please don't bother them with unpleasant facts. They just don't seem to mind ethically challenged candidates.

I don't have a problem with the payments if they were legit. I have a problem with the lying.

People like Bachmann, Huckabee and Palin can get away with all the unethical things they want, because they are 'one of us'.