Sunday, July 3, 2011

President Obama: SE A Later

There's nothing quite like that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you just know that you've lost something important.

It happens to people all the time - especially travelers.

Some folks leave a favorite T-shirt behind in a hotel room. Others drop a set of keys at the airport.

Just ask, ahem, President Obama. Seems the big guy lost a magnetic presidential seal that was affixed to the side of his limousine as he wrapped up a fundraising visit to Philly on Thursday.

The seal flew off the side of the limo and whipped by motorists in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 76, where it was presumed lost . . . until shortly before noon yesterday.
The full story is HERE.

We can only pray that it's a GOOD OMEN!

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Revolution 2012 said...

Se A Later. I love that!

Terry said...

Lets hope this is a good Omen. I don't think America could survive an additional 4 years of Obama.