Thursday, July 14, 2011

NEW RNC ad: Change Direction 2

The RNC has released a new ad. From their website:
America Must Change Direction!

The best way you can help win the fight for America’s future is by supporting the one organization that is doing more than any other conservative group to elect GOP candidates at all levels of government and make Barack Obama a one-term president: The Republican National Committee (RNC).

The only way we can turn our nation around and get America on a sustainable path to economic growth and prosperity is to expand our GOP majority in the U.S. House, recapture the U.S. Senate and elect a Republican president in 2012.

Please support our cause by making a secure online contribution today to the Republican National Committee. Your gift is an important investment in helping elect a Republican president, Congress and more GOP governors in 2011-2012. Thank you.

If you missed "Change Direction 1" view here.

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1 comment:

larry said...

The ads are ok, but they're not as well done as Romney's.