Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Mitt Romney Ad addresses the plight of America's recent college graduates

In 2009, President Obama went to the University of Maryland and promised the students a better future. Today, these same students are facing worse job prospects. Mitt Romney goes after Obama on behalf of graduates everywhere who are facing the grim prospect of being jobless. His new ad is called, "Obama Isn't Working: Where are the Jobs?":

The ad refers to the following articles. I have included links to those articles:

Graduates having difficulty finding jobs

Jobless College Graduates Struggle Under Ongoing Recession

Many Graduates Delay Job Searches

Recent Grads Search For Jobs, To No Avail

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larry said...

Another great ad by Romney. Short and to the point.

Terry said...

My Godson is having a hard time finding work in his field.

Great Grades and Great scholl don't seem to matter.

Anonymous said...

This is an essential strategy against Obama for whoever is the nominee. These little dunceheads (college kids) voted overwhelmingly for Obama and now they don't have jobs after graduating college. Republicans really need to lay the blame for this generations abysmal prospects at the feet of Obama.


Revolution 2012 said...

Until we get a President that is business and job friendly, this will continue to happen.

Many business owners are not hiring or expanding until tax codes and benefits make it worth their efforts.

hamaca said...

Yep, college kids need to understand the consequences of their votes.

They need to be told to own up to it and not make the same mistake a second time.

Anonymous said...

I agree that many college kids need to learn that their vote does have consequences. Liberals do have hearts, but conservatives have brains; hopefully, these young kids will learn to use their brains better.

I just saw that the educators at U of U are thrilled to get a new "Ethnic Studies" major. How do these kids EXPECT to get good jobs when they study "Ethnic Studies?" That is my question. Goes to prove that they need more brains, not less.

My two college kids are studying chemistry, calculus, and physics. These are technical disciplines that are required for certain professions. It isn't the liberal arts stuff, which can be interesting but is often not useful.