Friday, July 29, 2011

Mitt Romney: On Trade with China

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney said on Wednesday Chinese businesses were the "worst offenders" of global trade rules as his campaign vowed he would "get tough" with China if he wins in 2012.

Romney's campaign took aim at President Barack Obama's China trade policies, saying the Democrat had not followed through on a pledge to take Beijing "to the mat" over unfair trade practices and currency manipulation.
"We will crack down on cheaters like China and protect the intellectual property and the jobs of American workers, and American enterprises. And I will do that if I am president," Romney said at a campaign stop in Pataskala, Ohio.
The full story is HERE.

Here is a new Romney ad: Take China To The Mat

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larry said...

We should look at how many pattens and other intellectual property they stolen over the years, figure out the royalties lost by American inventers, and subtract that amount from the money we owe them.

Anonymous said...

The company I worked for shipped into China, and I worked with Chinese distributors in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Their ideas of business ethics are very different than European or American ethics. To us, it seems like they don't have any ethics. If they do, they certainly are very different from ours.

Counterfeiting products is a normal part of life in most parts of Asia. I once had a phone encounter with one of our Chinese representatives in Malaysia. I had a can of his counterfeit of our product on my desk. After confronting him about it he assured me, "I am pure Chinese; I love Simon (my boss) like a brother; I am pure Chinese, I would never do such a thing!" Somehow being "pure Chinese" didn't stop him from lying to me about what he had been doing.

We, as a country, need to be honest about the business clash of East meets West and need to stop allowing the East to take advantage of our markets while closing theirs to us. Mitt and other global business people have a better understanding of this than most.