Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mitt Romney and the Jewish Vote

For all the talk among pundits of Mitt Romney’s charisma problem, Romney’s Jewish supporters say what’s most inspiring about the Republican presidential candidate is that he actually does rather than just talk.
Furthermore, the very characteristics that cost the former Massachusetts governor his 2008 presidential bid and dogged his re-entry into the '12 race are what have made Romney the front-runner among Jewish Republican givers, notably his readiness to compromise in order to seal a deal.
"He's got a lot of common sense, he's got a success pattern in his life," Mel Sembler, one of Romney's principal Jewish backers, told JTA on Tuesday after accompanying him on a fundraising swing in Florida that netted the campaign $1.8 million.
"I like a man who's been in business for 25 years, who's made a payroll and who understands what the real world is like,” Sembler said......In addition to Sembler, a shopping center developer, Romney has the backing of other prominent Jews, including investment manager Lew Eisenberg, investor Sam Fox and lobbyist Wayne Berman.
Romney has always been a strong supporter (1, 2) of Israel and has been very critical of President Obama and his efforts that endanger our relationship with one of our strongest allies.

The full story is HERE.

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