Monday, July 18, 2011

GOP Out of step with voters on Debt

The GOP is totally mishandling the debt issue, whether its positions are right or wrong. The " perception " is very negative and won't help us in 2012 if we can't get a positive spin on the critical issue.

Public Overwhelmingly Rejects GOP Handling of Debt Crisis

A new CBS News poll finds Americans "are unimpressed with their political leaders' handling of the debt ceiling crisis."

Key finding: A majority disapprove of all the involved parties' conduct, but Republicans in Congress fare the worst, with just 21% backing their intransigent resistance to raising taxes. A stunning 71% disapprove.

Perhaps Rick Perry can get divine intervention now that he finds he has " been called " and that America needs him.



BOSMAN said...

"Perhaps Rick Perry can get divine intervention now that he finds he has " been called " and that America needs him."

Perhaps Perry can squeeze this issue onto the agenda somewhere between the radical Christian loons on his Day of Prayer and Fasting?

Anonymous said...

I totally blame the Tea Party for this intransigence over raising taxes. Their purity test will produce results that DeMint has been salivating for...30 republican Senators and a democrat controlled House.


Anonymous said...

Bosman....I'm laughing sooo hard at your comment. Keep up the good work!


Right Wingnut said...


You should take a closer look at party ID splits before you use a CBS to support your argument. D + 11. No wonder DD is in such a good mood.

Revolution 2012 said...

Something's got to give before the economy does.

I'm with Mitt on this. Cut and Cap federal spending and a Ballanced Budget Amendment

craigs said...

We are at real risk if we pick and choose our sources. I realize CBS is a DEM outlet. But 71 % negative accommodates a lot of distortion and still is bad news


Ohio JOE said...

Let's get serious people and use some critical thinking here. Beyond the fact that CBS make PPP, Zogby, Harris and ARG look good, c'mon 71% of Americans take the Democrat side??? Let non-sense does not pass the smell test.