Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fox News Challenges The Tea Party

I think that it is only fair that I, critic of Fox News, should point out when Fox News does its job. Here we have Gregg Jarrett finally countering Mike Lee's red meat. Jarrett doesn't go far enough. He could have pointed out the economic downside of a balanced budget amendment. He could have further discussed the ramifications of not raising the debt ceiling. And he could have brought home how real conservatism doesn't focus its attention on gimmicks, but is rather concentrated on gradual, coalition-building steps that work in the real world. Nevertheless, Jarrett made Lee think. And so journalism sneaks its way onto the Fox News set.


Anonymous said...

Senator Lee makes good points. All of the promises of this Congress are meaningless when the next Congress is sworn into office. For that matter, anything that the Democrats promise right now could be changed as soon as the debt ceiling is raised. Only fools believe that we can negotiate in good faith with the Democrats. I don't like the idea of a balanced budget amendment, but we need a solution with real teeth to stop the runaway spending. Senator Lee is absolutely right to say that the spending must be cut right now, and not next year or a few years later.

Greg Jarrett also impeaches his own credibility by invoking John McCain. John McCain says whatever the media wants him to say. The people of Arizona should be ashamed of having nominated him to return to the senate in 2010. He should have been replaced by someone who cared about this country and not about courting favor with the media.

Our country is drowning in debt, and the only viable solution is to cut spending drastically right now. We should immediately suspend any payments to the United Nations. We should stop almost all foreign aid. We should stop Congressional overseas travel. Bureaucrats should not be allowed to travel for conferences. Some of these things would save big money. Some of these things would be symbolic but would show that the government is willing to shoulder the burden of our situation.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame all Arizonans for John McCain. I HATE voting for him, and every time I've had a real choice, I don't vote for him. Unfortunately, those times have been few and far between. I will not willingly hand over control of the Senate to the Dems because I voted for the Dem opponent of John M. Of course, John McCain has handed the control of the Senate over to the Dems plenty of times, but this was over my specific objection.

If you want to blame somebody for John McCain, look at all of the retirees who have moved to our State. They are old, like McCain is, and they like him. Many of them have moved here from Blue States. It never occurs to them that the reason they moved to a Red State is because it is CHEAPER TO LIVE HERE! Of course, being in the sun belt is also part of their decision, as well. No snow!

Arizona has also sent John Kyl to the Senate for many years. He has been a good choice.