Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Congressman Paul Ryan: "America is Running Out of Road to Kick the Can Down."

America is running out of road to kick the can down.

America can't keep spending money it doesn't have.

We are borrowing 42 cents of every dollar the government spends.  Half of that money comes from other countries like China.

You can't cash flow half your deficit by borrowing it from other countries.

We are losing our sovereignty and our own control based upon our spending policies.

Tax increases are not the answer. It kills job creation and economic growth. And it doesn't solve the problem.


TexasConservative said...

Some of you have asked who I will be supporting in the 2012 race now that Huckabee has decided not to run. I have yet to find anyone to get behind. But if Paul Ryan jumped into the race, he would definitely have my support. Wish he would run.

Anonymous said...

hey TC, who do you see huckabee endorsing down the road? Huckabee is definitely a "anybody but romney guy" so I dont see that endorsement. If the field stays current I see him endorsing either a michelle bachmann or rick perry, or whoever is running closest to romney. He likes rick santorum but he hasnt a chance.

Right Wingnut said...

Huck would never endorse Perry. Never in a million years.

Right Wingnut said...

I like Ryan too, but his votes haven't always matched his rhetoric.

TexasConservative said...

Anonymous, why don't you at least sign your name as "Bob" so that every time you have a comment for me, then at least I will know who I am addressing. Have fun, make up a name.

As to Huckabee, I have no idea. I had no idea that he would not run. Have no idea of who he likes that is running. Have no idea who he will endorse. And I don't want to make a guess, as I would probably be wrong.

I do wish that he would jump into the race. Huckabee/Ryan would be my ideal ticket.

Ohio JOE said...

"I like Ryan too, but his votes haven't always matched his rhetoric." Not only that, but the way he attacked one of Mr. Jordan's staff members at caucus meeting and on the Hannity Show was disgraceful. Mr. Ryan needs his act together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. RW your right i take that back, huck will never endorse perry, but in the case of romney vs perry, i think he would take perry.

I recall huck saying that bachmann, pawlenty, santorum, has his similar views, so bachmann would get his likely endorsement if she remains neck and neck with romney