Friday, July 22, 2011

CNN/ORC Poll: Romney ahead with or without Perry

GOP Nomination:

Mitt Romney 16%
Rick Perry 14%
Rudy Giuliani 13%
Sarah Palin 13%
Michele Bachmann 12%
Ron Paul 8%
Herman Cain 6%
Newt Gingrich 4%
Tim Pawlenty 3%
Rick Santorum 2%
Jon Huntsman 1%
Gary Johnson 0%
Thaddeus McCotter 0%
Someone else (vol.) 1%
None/ No one (vol.) 8%
No opinion 1%

WITHOUT Perry or McCotter: (June 3-11, 2011) [May 24-26, 2011]

Mitt Romney 17% (24%) [15%]
Michele Bachmann 15% (4%) [7%]
Sarah Palin 15% (20%) [13%]
Rudy Giuliani 14% (12%) [16%]
Ron Paul 9% (7%) [12%]
Herman Cain 8% (10%) [10%]
Newt Gingrich 4% (10%) [8%]
Tim Pawlenty 4% (3%) [5%]
Rick Santorum 3% (1%) [2%]
Jon Huntsman 1% (1%) [1%]
Gary Johnson 1% (N/A) [1%]
Someone else (vol.) 1% (2%) [3%]
None/ No one (vol.) 8% (2%) [5%]
No opinion 2% (3%) [2%]
Interviews with 1,009 adult Americans conducted by telephone by ORC International on July 18-20, 2011. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The crosstabs can be viewed here.

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Right Wingnut said...

It's interesting that 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place are occupied by three undeclared candidates...and the so called frontrunner nets only 16% of the vote.

More confirmation that the field sucks.

Doug NYC GOP said...

poll is of adults and with people who are not running. Garbage in/Garbage out.

in any scenario Romney ALWAYS leads, adults, registered, likely, MOE you name it.

Rolling on to Tampa!

Anonymous said...

Romney is leading because he is the best candidate the GOP has. He is the only GOP candidate that out polls Obama.

Anonymous said...

palin sucks,with her in it only makes the field worse.

Anonymous said...

i love the homepage at C4P, it shows palin from the outside looking at the white house, that is as close as she will ever get to it.

TexasConservative said...

Not much of a frontrunner who is only ahead by 2- in either case.

People just aren't excited about a Romney nomination.

That is except for those here at RS.

Anonymous said...

I think Mitt will invite her at some point.


Anonymous said...


have you decided who your leaning towards, or hoping anyone in particular will run or you sitting this election year out?

TexasConservative said...


Thank you for asking. No one excites me. I can't even say "yet" because those rumored to enter the race, don't excite me either.

I could never sit out the race.

I would love to see a Huckabee/Ryan ticket.

Sigh...Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe palin can serve the coffee when Mitt is president?

Anonymous said...


That was a sexist remark. Please refrain from those, no matter how much you hate Palin!

By the way, last I heard, Romney doesn't drink coffee, tea, or alcohol. Maybe they will warm up green jello!


P.S. Utah has the highest per capita consumption of green jello in the U.S. My mom has a wonderful sherbet recipe she makes from jello. Lime was one of our favorites.:)