Friday, July 22, 2011

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Likely to Move Primary Date to January

This is interesting. I wonder who this might benefit?
Gov. Jan Brewer is leaning to moving Arizona's presidential primary to the last Tuesday in January in hopes of getting a jump on most other states.

The governor said she believes pushing the primary up from its current Feb. 28 schedule will give Arizona the national attention it deserves. Potentially more significant, she said it will force the candidates not only to spend time here in their quest for early victories but also require them to address issues of specific concern to state residents.

“Arizona is at the forefront of advancing solutions to national issues such as immigration and border security, Medicaid spending, and the financial crisis,” Brewer said.

“It only makes sense that our state be positioned to have its voice heard loud and clear when it comes to the presidential nomination process,” she continued. “Moving Arizona's presidential preference primary election into January would ensure that our citizens are major players in the 2012 campaign.”

Brewer does not need permission to make the change: The state law which sets the primary for the fourth Tuesday of February specifically gives the governor unilateral power to move it up to any date she wants. The only requirement is that she makes her decision at least 150 days before the new date.

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Anonymous said...

Idaho moves its caucus up. Now Arizona. Say HELLO to President Romney!

Noelle said...

All of these states moving their primaries earlier so that their state "gets the attention it deserves" makes me question, which states do not deserve national attention? Clearly my state, Kentucky, with is primary in May, does not warrant any attention. :(

marK said...

Oh not again.

“Arizona is at the forefront of advancing solutions to national issues such as immigration and border security, Medicaid spending, and the financial crisis,” Brewer said.

And which state isn't, Governor Brewer.

So once again we see a state place its selfish interests ahead of everybody else. If Arizona does this, what's keeping Florida, or Michigan, or any of the others from doing the same?

Then there is New Hampshire that has a state law that requires their primary to be first in the nation. They have to move theirs up.

And then Iowa has to move their caucus up.

I am not impressed. Disgusted is more like.

Anonymous said...

PPP Polling: Mitt Romney Top Republican in Arizona

PPP Polling: Mitt Romney Beats Obama in Arizona

Anonymous said...

How does this affect the delegate count? Doesn't a state potentially lose half their delegates if they don't comply with the new calendar?

I'm all for Iowa becoming less relevant. However, I'm not for chaos, and this is a recipe for disaster.


Anonymous said...

This lady just rubs me the wrong way. It seems she's an attention hog.


Massachusetts Conservative said...

Brewer is an attention hog, agreed.

BUT... BUT... I agree that Arizona's stories on immigration DO deserve a prominent role in our early primaries.

AND Mitt stands to do well in AZ given his popularity in the west.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why it would disgust anyone...why wouldn't the Governor and the citizens of each and every state want their vote to matter? I always said that primaries should be played like a national election...they all vote on the same day...probably sometime in May would make the most sense. It would push back the declaring process and force an even expenditure. It gives less than likely candidates the opportunity to plead their case, and also force some lesser than likely candidates from even entering the race, while giving the voters the options they should have.


Anonymous said...

Jersey, I kinda like the idea of a national election day, too.

But Brewer is doing far more than just deciding what's best for her state. She's messing up the entire process, one that was hammered out for the benefit of all the states. It will throw the entire primary into chaos.


Right Wingnut said...

I've decided that I don't like the idea. Iowa and New Hampshire would simply move their dates up...possibly to December. That sets up a campaign that is far too long, IMO.

I'm surprised that Mittens supporters would be opposed to that, given his huge money advantage.