Saturday, June 18, 2011

Surprise! Surprise! Ron Paul wins the RLC 2011 Straw Poll

Well I guess that's it. The RLC attendees obviously felt the pulse of the American People and have proven all the other national polls wrong. I guess Ron Paul is the man (612 votes)

Coming in second, was Jon Huntsman (382 votes). Perhaps it was his inspiring TV ad that stirred the crowd down there. I wonder if Huntsman will get another bounce. His semi-announcement last week brought him up from 1 to 2% in a few polls. Maybe he'll see 3 or 4% after this?

Congratulations to both. For what it's worth.

My guess is, NOT MUCH!


Evelio Perez said...

I predict Ron Paul will win all of the straw polls that don't count....

Ann said...

For the life of me, I can't figure out what the Paul supporters are trying to prove.

Is America supposed to agree with them because they can bus more students to an event than anyone else?

ConMan said...

No one looks at these results as believable.

Then you add Jon Huntsman who hasn't broken 2% from any poll I've seen.

Meaningless poll.

craigs said...

The only straw vote that has some " gravitas" is the Ames poll in Iowa and Paul's ability to bus in supporters can give Bachman and others real headaches. Good call for Mitt to bypass these logistical exercises