Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sarah Palin on the Sean Hannity Show (VIDEO 06-03-11)

Sean Hannity talks to Palin on Friday about her possible candidacy, Other candidates, a third party, and other issues:

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BOSMAN said...


GO LISTEN to Haley Barbour's speech from the FFC.

Because RIGHT NOW, when you use the term 'THIRD PARTY', OBAMA is all ears!

If you brought that up with Trump to see where he stood, that's one thing. But by not dismissing it in this interview as nonsense, all you do is to add credence to it. That's NOT A VERY UNIFYING way of doing things.

BTW, where was the Tea Party sweep in the mid-terms. I must have missed it.

Revolution 2012 said...

It's funny that the only time you hear third party talk, it's from a Republican.

You never here influential Democrats talk that way. I don't consider the likes of Ralph Nader as influential. No, I mean like a Hillary, someone of that caliber.

Maybe it's that the influential Democrats know that you don't air your dirty laundry on National TV?

Maybe they like winning better than we do?

Anonymous said...

The 11th commandment of Reagan, does not apply to Palin.

Anonymous said...

This woman makes no sense. Either your serious, standup and run or you sit down and shutup. I understand your the queen and its all eyes on you, but its time to really be serious for the sake of the country and start putting a plan together to help defeat obama, not taking the paparazzi for a wild goose chase. Please announce your running and put a plan out there so we can take you seriously or please go back to your reality show or whatever it is that you do. Stop distracting the country from the real issues at hand.

Anonymous said...

Why does Palin get a pass when she proves once again, she's a dunce?

Noelle said...

Palin's message regarding a 3rd party was inconsistent. She seemed to by trying to cater to a few different groups of people there.

I have tried to be fair and open-minded regarding Palin, but this week she has lost a lot of stock in my book. And it's not because of her stepping on Romney's toes on Thursday either. Romney himself said that he's fine staying more or less under the radar until after Labor Day. But so much of what I've heard her say and seen her do this week have been contrary to what I think is right. Her meeting with Donald Trump demonstrated to me very poor judgment.

I was not very impressed with Palin's interview with Hannity. While she made some points that I agree with, her overall message convoluted, and her 3rd party thing was inconsistent and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Will you run third party? "I don't foresee that right now." Not right now, huh.

Palin talked about running third party a year or so ago. Then when she was called out on it, she backed off.

Now she's back at it again. Like I've said over and over, she's destructive. One man wrecking crew.

Someone send her the Barbour video and make her watch it 10 times. She seems to be a slow learner.


Anonymous said...

agree with all the above...if she messes up the 2012 election ...i think she will pretty much be through with a political career...which would be ok with me...tired of her narssistic screeching....and her empty platitudes....

Doug NYC GOP said...

I didn't like the THIRD Party talk either when I watched it Friday night (Yes JR I DO actually pay attention to what Palin says).

She should have rejected it out of hand. But of course she can't, as she continues to try to position herself as the leader of the TP movement. The constant use of the term "WE" when decribing the TP movement, is a clear indicator of this.

Someone the other day said I wished she would be quiet and go away. That is becoming truer everyday, as she brings nothng new or substantial to the conversation ("Fundemental restoration" and supporting the Constitution are platitudes, not policy) and only serves as a distraction, with mixed results at best.

Anonymous said...

I think Palin just wants a repeat of 2010 ... looking for the "purity" candidate whom will be her of course.

Her third party talk is reckless. She is just letting everyone know that she has some say in who the next POTUS will be. If she is the patriot she claims to be, she will work to unite the party not threaten to divide it.

I think she is nursing a chip on her shoulder. Let's hope she gets over it soon.

She is the Queen and is fast becoming the Queen of Mean!

Ohio JOE said...

Absolute Home Run!!! She gets it. She realizes that the GOP is not ready and not mature enough to assume power at this moment. That could change. However, she nails it bang on: events of the past year and a half point to the possibility that a third party is needed. She also illustrated her grasp of economic issues. The rest of the GOP had better study up fast if they want the party to be relevant. Again, marvelous interview. It is great to see that somebody understands Conservatism and the state of American Conservatism.

Ohio JOE said...

"I didn't like the THIRD Party talk" If you are serious about that, you'd move to the right to ensure that their is no need for a third party. It is not too late to change things, but time is running out for socks to be pulled up.

Ohio JOE said...

"she brings nothing new or substantial to the conversation" Hahaha funniest line of the weekend.

Doug NYC GOP said...

"'I didn't like the THIRD Party talk' If you are serious about that, you'd move to the right to ensure that their is no need for a third party. It is not too late to change things, but time is running out for socks to be pulled up." - OJ

I have to move to the right? Where am I now OJ?

Please tell everyone, especially me, where I am.

Ohio JOE said...

Well Doug, I am sure that you Personally are right of Center. I am not going to get into a game of whether you are 51% Right Wing or 99% Right Wing or somewhere in the middle. The main point is that the party leaders are not Right Wing enough. So far, they are not serious about cutting deficits, the debt and rolling back regulations.

At least Hamaca understands that Conservatism actually has to be promoted if Conservatives are going to vote GOP. Your heart might be in the Right place (I do not know,) but voters are looking for tangible signs. "Trust Me" and "Read My Lips" no longer cut it.

Doug NYC GOP said...

OJ - So you don't want to say NOW where I am, but you were more than happy yesterday to allude I was NOT on right.

Glad to know the Right Police are pout there monitoring me.

I have my papers in case you stop me.