Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Romney's Financial Blitzkrieg

Hi All
Just had a peak at MITT's fundraising schedule for the rest of June which includes 33 finance event in 14 states with 4 days of downtime to prep for the NH debate. Schedules is as follows:

June 5 Evening Greenwich, CT
June 6 Evening New York, NY
June 7 Breakfast New York, NY
June 7 Evening Detroit, MI
June 8 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Detroit, MI
June 9 Evening, St Louis, MO
June 14 Dinner, Florida
June 15 Breakfast, Florida
June 16 Dinner , Atlanta, GA
June 17 Luncheon, Las Vegas, NV
June 20 Breakfast, Boise, ID
June 20 Luncheon, Idaho Falls, ID
June 20 Evening , Denver, CO
June 21 Luncheon, Sacramento, CA
June 21 Evening, San Francisco, CA
June 22 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Los Angeles, CA
June 23 Evening, Orange County, CA
June 24 Luncheon, Prova, UT
June 24 Evening, Salt Lake City, UT
June 28 Breakfast, New York, NY
June 29 Luncheon, Washington

WOW ! If anybody is going to match this pace and this level of fundraising, I would be astonished. You certainly see a real contrast with the other announced ( and non announced ) candidates



Anonymous said...

Ho-o-ly crap. Mitt is serious.

Noelle said...

What? No stops in Kentucky? :(

Why must our primary be so late, and thus irrelevant? :(

craigs said...

I also should have added events at the end of June in Northern Va , Philadelphia and Pittsburg as well as a July event in London


Dave said...

Hi craig,

Do you have any links that might offer specifics or more info on any of these?

craigs said...

check out the National Journal today. they are all fundraisers with public private speaking events


BOSMAN said...


Mitt doesn't believe in letting the grass grow beneath his feet!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, he is really serious.

Anonymous said...

I must stop posting positive stories about Mitt on facebook. My friends are beginning to think I'm obsessed. Its just such a great time to be a rombot!

corep said...

have to find a way to get into the Denver fundraiser. Been too long since i have seen Mitt in person.

Sam from MA said...

This is great. But I really hope this money all doesn't go to waste...

We need Mitt folks. Obama will be history.

I hope he saves some money for the general.

And he needs more than just money. He needs votes.

And he better not run attack ads this time... they backfired in 2008.

Anonymous said...


Mitt didnt run attack ads in 2008, did you get that from huckabee? Romney ran ads pointing out facts about his record like raising taxes, Huckabee called them attack ads when they were not. Its a campaign, thats what your suppose to do. Attack ads are made up lies intended to falsely hurt a candidate, thats what they did to romney.

corep said...

when you were in Mitts position in 2008 you had to run those types of ads. Now in 2012 Mitt is the frontrunner and contrast ads really wont help your message.

notice how everything now is about Obama, about what obama has done wrong. Mitt isnt talking about any of the other GOP candidates. BUT... all the GOP candidates are talking about Mitt.

the roles are reversed from last cycle and Mitt's group learned from IA 2008. The contrast ads/attack ads (whatever you call them) were an attempt to stem the increasing Huckabee wave that eventually toppled the early state strategy.

The all in in IA and NH strategy is gone as it should be. The long term get enough in IA, win NH and NV, survive SC to get to FL and beyond plays to Mitts strengths geographically and GOP membership distributions.

Point to all this is that Sam is right no need to go contrast ads in 2012 unless its contrasting against obama and if Bosman's prediction comes true that Mitts wins all early states then watch the rest of the GOP primary money being spent on ads portraying the differences between Mitt and Obama.