Monday, June 6, 2011


Romney is up by 9 % in latest PPP polling for South Carolina to be released tomorrow. PPP Twitter a few minutes ago. Looking forward to details on other candidates.



BOSMAN said...


Let's see now:


Anonymous said...

And to think, he did it without a bus or a movie.

BOSMAN said...

ANY bets that Fox News won't mention this ANYWHERE. Or the fact Romney is leading in all the early states.

After All, How would that mesh with their pundits stating that Palin is the one to be reckoned with.

There message doesn't seem to be reaching those folks who are participating in these polls.

Anonymous said...

This can't be true. Republicans don't like Romney!


Anonymous said...


Doug NYC GOP said...

Woo Hoo

This is no surprise though...South carolinians like WINNERS!!!

Anonymous said...

While the polls do show some promise........I'm not counting any chicks yet!

Consistent, sticking with the dire need to create JOBS and get this ECONOMY under control. Mitt has a PROVEN record on this very matter. He's honestly the only one that can claim that.

There are great qualities in all of the other candidates! The new president and America will need many of these great qualities to restore America!

In the meantime......I am not take ANYTHING for granted in this election!

GetReal said...

Yes! Great news, at least for now.

Anonymous said...

Fox news wont report this unless it receives queen palin's approval.

Pablo said...

Nothing would please me more than to see Romney win SC, but I just don't think these numbers will hold. But I hope that he proves me wrong. I think Romney has a better chance of winning Iowa (and then NH and NV). Then it really won't matter what SC does.

Anonymous said...

it would help him greatly if gov nikki haley supports and endorses him. After all romney was the first to endorse her when it was thought she wouldnt stand a chance. Hopefully she returns the favor.

Steve Foster said...

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We still have five more years of hard work before Mitt can be declared a real winner.

corep said...

Well Bos I guess i was wrong just a few days ago when i Challenged you on your assumption that Romney would run the table.

still a long long way to go before we even vote, but WOW!

Sam from MA said...

Real clever Steve

Anonymous said...

Good starting numbers...his camp should be very pleased. If he can hold onto this lead for a little while, it will definitely make for an interesting primary season.