Monday, June 20, 2011

Rick Perry: THE ONE He's been Waiting For?

In the past week, rumors that Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) will toss his cowboy hat in the ring to vie for the Republican presidential nomination have reached a crescendo. Several political analysts even said Perry, who has not announced a candidacy and did not participate in yesterday’s GOP debate, nevertheless emerged as a “winner” last night. In his first national TV interview since presidential rumors surfaced, Perry answered Fox News’ Neil Cavuto question about why he’s so unpopular in his home state by suggesting he’s a “prophet”:

The full story is HERE.

This doesn't surprise me at all.

I posted a piece the other day about the Governor holding a National day of Prayer and fasting and questioned whether this should be the activity of a Public figure pulling in a salary as the Governor of Texas.

I'm sure he may be scoring points with so-cons on this event, but you need more than so-cons to beat President Obama.

Do you think he'll ride into Reliant Stadium on a donkey and then maybe announce his candidacy for President on the day of the event?


Anonymous said...

That didn't take long! Ha ha.


Zeke said...

Excellent Post Bos!

Perry makes Mike Huckabee look like an atheist.

Ad this to his MANDATING a HIV vacines to all girls in the state of Texas, before it was recommenced by Dept of Health whether Parents wanted it or not.

Hey, If he runs, do you thing Al Gore will RETURN THE FAVOR and endorse hum for President?

Evelio Perez said...

NO!!!!!, not another messiah!!!!!

Believing is seeing said...

"NO!!!!!, not another messiah!!!!!"

Perry can't be. I saw that cross next to Mike Huckabee. That was a miracle.

Sam from MA said...

Nononononono.... you guys got it all wrong.

We have the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Perry is the Son.

Huckabee is the Holy Ghost.


hamaca said...

Ha ha ha. Funny. Actually, I'm more concerned about Perry's judgement in using the phrase than I am about the phrase itself.

He simply meant to use an analogy that leaders and other famous people can often be more liked by people outside their home area. No harm there.

He needs to understand what the impact is nationally when using phrases like that. Maybe he does and doesn't care.

Virginia Brown said...

Sorry, Bos, the picture is a bridge too far. Tone it down.

larry said...

Don't tone it down Bos.

Perry is walking the walk and talking the talk. HE needs to tone it down.

Coordinating a National Day of prayer is not an activity of a potential Presidential candidate. ESPECIALLY when whoever that GOP candidate is, needs to attract independents and every other vote he can.

This event enters a GREY AREA of the separation of church and state and NO DOUBT would be used by the Democrats if Perry ran and was the nominee.

ConMan said...


"He simply meant to use an analogy that leaders and other famous people can often be more liked by people outside their home area. No harm there."

I don't believe that. Sure, it was a slip of the tongue, but he chose the term "prophet" he could has chosen other words or explained it differently.

TexasConservative said...

I am not a fan of Perry.

The polls show that he has minimal support in Texas for a POTUS candidacy.

Anonymous said...

Texas, I would love it if you would write up a post with your perspective of Perry. It would be nice to have the opinion of someone who knows him better than the rest of us.


BOSMAN said...

I guess you can surmise from my post, that Perry is not the one that I've been waiting for.


I look at it this way, If Perry hadn't used the term, wasn't coordinating a national day of prayer from the Governor's mansion in Texas, and wasn't playing God when it comes to telling parents in his state what they MUST put (HPV vaccine) into their female children's bodies, I probably wouldn't have been INSPIRED into creating that picture.

larry said...

Well said Bos.

Anonymous said...

awesome pic bosman!

Revolution 2012 said...

Excellent post Bos!

Perry's problem is that he has a higher opinion of himself than everyone else.

His baggage has baggage!

A Perry nomination would only result in an Obama landslide victory.

Virginia Brown said...

Bos, I'm not objecting to your use of the picture out of respect for Perry, I object out of respect for the PICTURE.