Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NYT: Only 23% of Republican Voters Are Satisfied With Current Field

This poll should serve as a reality check for the announced candidates. It appears as though it's not too late for someone else to jump in to the race.
Republican voters are not satisfied with the candidates running for the Republican nomination and wish they had more choices, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. None of the candidates currently hoping to challenge President Obama in 2012 has earned enthusiastic support from more than 7 percent of Republican voters.


Nine candidates have officially declared they are running for the Republican nomination. About 70 percent of Republican voters said they wished there were more candidates; only 23 percent said they were satisfied with the current field.

When asked to name a Republican presidential candidate they were enthusiastic about right now, two-thirds of Republican voters said they were not excited by any of them. The former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, and Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota did best, each named by 7 percent of Republican voters.

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Anonymous said...

I dont think its sarah palin they are calling for to enter. We'll see i guess.

Anonymous said...

It's about time you posted something.

This place was looking like MRC lite.

GetReal said...

Why should people be satisfied with imperfect candidates? I don't blame them, but the field isn't going to get any better.

There's nobody on the horizon who is charismatic, experienced, perfect on every issue, electable, and without flaws, as much as we'd like there to be.

As long as there isn't someone like that, most people won't be satisfied, but they'll have to choose whoever they think is best.

Pablo said...


That is because I have chosen not to run this year. Nobody is happy.

Anonymous said...

haley barbour said "PURITY IS THE ENEMY OF VICTORY"....having a united GOP for 2012 is more important than finding which candidate is the most pure. People will never be satisfied. If palin were to run, they wont be satisfied. If perry were to run, they wont be satisfied. If mother teresa were alive and she ran, they wont be satisfied. Hell if ronald reagan were alive and he ran, some people still wont be satisfied. Lets stop the bashing of each other, we need to unite if removing obama from office is our goal.I support mitt romney but if the nominee were palin, ginrich, cain, santorum, hell even ron paul, ill be first in line to offer my support.

BOSMAN said...

That 77% will only continue to be miserable until they come from the dark side to the LIGHT like so many Romney supporters.

tim said...

It looks like the 23% is Romney supporters.

Revolution 2012 said...

These folks need to face the facts.

I'm 90% sure we're looking at the final candidates now.

Pick the one who:

2. Is closest to what you want.

Anonymous said...

I think our desire to vote for a celebrity is getting out of hand. That is really how we got our current President; he managed to appeal to the "I need a rock star" crowd. It also helped that it was historic in electing a half-black President.

Just think, if we elected a Mormon for President, it would be historic, as well. Recent studies show that 22 percent of the people are uneasy voting for a Mormon for President. The most recent comparable figures are those who were uneasy voting for a Catholic in the 1950's. The poll shows that these figures are now in the single digits for blacks, Jews, and women.

By the way, contrary to all the press reports of right-wing hatred, the greatest dislike of Mormons comes from the Left. (Look on Article 6 blog for information on this poll).

We have got to stop letting a bored press make so much of this kind of crap. Most people aren't even paying that much attention to the candidates at this point. I will even go on a limb to say that a lot more are wondering where this economy is going on a daily basis than trying to figure out who's running for President. That's why Republicans have got to keep taking it to Obama on the deficit and the economy.


P.S. Pablo, I'm sure you're right; everyone is just aching for you to run.