Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mitt Romney's Debate Schedule through October

Mitt Romney will be skipping the July 10 debate in Las Vegas, Nevada sponsored by the Daily Caller and Americans for Tax Reform. He has announced the 6 debates he will participate in through October. Those debates are:
  1. Fox News debate in Iowa on August 11
  2. NBC/Politico debate in California on September 7
  3. CNN/Tea Party Express debate in Tampa on September 12
  4. Fox News debate in Orlando on September 22
  5. Washington Post/Bloomberg in New Hampshire on October 11
  6. CNN debate in Las Vegas on October 28


Anonymous said...

New zogby poll has bachmann as frontrunner with Romney and Cain tied for second. Also Romney loses in head to head match versus Christie and Perry. Beginning of Romney downfall!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Such excitement. I think I'd wait for multiple polls indicating the same thing before I get too many !!!!!!!!!! going.

Romney is the one in the race that HAS taken failing enterprises (both business and gov't) and changed their direction. Who else in the arena has THAT kind of record?

craigs said...

You are really fascinated by these Zogby polls. Mitt was behind Cain last month by 10-12 %. Mitt has never been leading in these polls because they are dominated by cell phone polling and 18 year old respondents and nobody seems to care whether they are voters or registered or who. So, Romney is going up in the polls while Zogby has him going down. His final demise will be when he announces his Qtr 2 fundraising of $ 50 Million in July. That will surely be the end


tango said...

Zogby is no longer an American polling Company they are Brazilian.

larry said...

As a Romney supporter, I wonder if missing the Vegas debate is wise, in light of him looking for a big win there to add to his NH momentum?

Revolution 2012 said...

larry I'm sure Romney took that into consideration. He'll be at the one there in October.

Anonymous said...

the one hes skipping will not be televised, so why bother?