Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mitt Romney, Who are You?

H/T RedState contributor Labor Union Report who posted about this new video and RedState for tweeting:

Who Are You, Mitt? http://bit.ly/jhSuTr #TCOT #RS


Anonymous said...

Texas, nice try, I guess.

Abortion--we've had that conversation a gazillion times, we all know how he changed from pro-choice to pro-life--just as many others have, including Reagan.

Gun rights--nothing there. The NRA worked with Mass to craft the assault weapons ban legislation and called it a 'net gain' for gun rights.

Mandates? Romney does like the Mass plan, and does not like the unconstitutional federal mandate for healthcare. Nothing inconsistent about it at all.

There's no there there in any of these things.


Ohio JOE said...

Nice try Martha, but Mr. Romney is no longer a strong Pro-Lifer. His SBA pledge failure illustrates that well. Oh well.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

This video is totally riddled with misleading quotes taken out of context.

There are absolutely ZERO contradictions here except abortion. ZERO.

Anonymous said...

The SBA pledge was flawed. Look at romney's own pledge he put out, its more detailed and a lot better showing romney's commitment to life.

Theres no reason why romney should only look for pro life candidates for jobs that has nothing to do with abortion.

Anonymous said...


I will vote independent if he is the candidate. He may be republican but he's no conservative!

Anonymous said...

And who is Mitt Romney? Hes going to be the next president of the united states that im sure Governors Huckabee and palin will support when he is offically sworn in.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a nice video editing job.Very misleading and taken out of context. They must be very afraid!! Romney 2012 is coming to a state near you!!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I doubt Huck can swallow such a large pill, but it's nice to give him the benefit if the doubt!


Anonymous said...

Romney is taking care of business and trying to stay away from the right wing nut jobs and the tea party facist who are trying to destroy the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:24,

You gotta love the new Trig Truther (a.k.a. Liberal Fraud) "Republican" who pretends to like Romney while trashing Conservative "right wing nut jobs" and the Tea Party "fascists". I'm sure they will turn on Romney if he is the GOP nominee. Thanks again Ellie for inviting these people here.


Revolution 2012 said...


Don't be to harsh on anon 5:24, it was a REDSTATE video. So he wasn't to far off.

Would you have liked him better if he asked all the Romney supporters to sing along while the video played?