Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty: Who's ad is better?

I thought Pawlenty's ad was well done, had a great message, had some negative vibes, and was way, way to long.

I thought that Romney's was well done, very uplifting, had a great message and was just long enough. Also:
  1. Romney's was about half as long as Pawlenty's. More bang for his buck.
  2. Romney Has a theme of Hope that draws in all Americans of various races, ethnicity, and backgrounds.
  3. Romney didn't mention or refer to President Obama in his ad. In doing so, he doesn't loose those who may have supported Obama or are borderline now. No one likes to be reminded they were wrong in 08.
  4. Voters don't need to be reminded how bad things are now. they already know. What they want to know is that THINGS WILL GET BETTER and who ever the next President is, has THE TOOLS to deliver.
My advise to Pawlenty, make your ads more like Romney's.

Now of course, that was just my opinion. What Say You?


Anonymous said...

i agree mitt's was positive and uplifting...great add that inspired! just as he can inspire all americans to unite:)

Anonymous said...

Rev, You're right on all counts.

Good advice!


Ohio JOE said...

"No one likes to be reminded they were wrong in 08." There is actually some truth to that. Which is why swing voters need to be educated, not pandered to.

Noelle said...

At the 2:10 mark in Pawlenty's ad I had a little chuckle. There were two people nodding together in unison that reminded me of the bobble head dolls.

I agree that Pawlenty's ad was way too long. Both ads had basically the same message, the greatness of America, but Pawlenty's ad was diluted with reminders of how bad things are now.

All in all, the Romney ad is a positive reinforcement for me who I support. Romney 2012.

BOSMAN said...

I agree Rev with your analysis and choice.