Monday, June 13, 2011

LIVE FEED from NH: The GOP Presidential Debate today at 8:00 PM EST

Republican presidential candidates debate the issues on the campus of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire:

PRESS the POP-UP BUTTON under the photo below. A pop-up window will open. if asked to download software, say NO. then choose the DEBATE CHANNEL in the right column. If your 'FLASH PLAYER' is up to date, the feed will work fine. If not, start the process again, and when asked this time about the software, choose yes:

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Anonymous said...

I can't Wait.

Bring em on!


Anonymous said...

bump this to top of blog...

BOSMAN said...

Live feed is up.


BOSMAN said...


BOSMAN said...

Mitt is the tallest!

BOSMAN said...

I've got Mitt on the live feed and the Bruins will be on the tube in 20 minutes.

Anonymous said...

The feed is nice and clear and the red square size buttons work as well.


BOSMAN said...

Commercials are in black. Don't worry the feed is fine.

Anonymous said...

Debate thoughts:

The moderator stunk. Romney was ignored for at least half the debate, and I believe this was on purpose.

Romney came off as too canned, again. Sometimes I wish he would lighten up and just give some real answers, rather than his standard boilerplate.

Pawlenty - too canned as well. Also comes off as trying to hard.

Bachmann was not the nutjob she is portrayed, and came off as informed and likable. But it doesn't mean she comes off as credible choice for POTUS.

Santorum, meh.

Cain - likable and charismatic. Didn't have as many gaffed-type answers as I expected.

Newt - great answers, and never sounds rehearsed.

No one really won, and this helps Romney.