Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fox News: Candidates take "CHEAP SHOTS" at Romney's SBA stance. (VIDEOS)

Fast Forward to the 1:30 minute mark:

I noticed that Fox News did not have the following video up on their website. Perhaps it's to early to be up, or maybe they didn't like what the panel said. Especially the WELL RESPECTED Charles Krauthammer who's assessment is SPOT-ON. They did post the previous videos from the same show, Why not the following?

Special Report Panel Reacts to Romney's Refusal to Sign Pro-Life Pledge (6-20-2011)


Revolution 2012 said...

Nice find Bos.

Both Hume and Krauthammer are correct.

I want to WIN IN 2012 and I want to go with someone who appeals to THE MOST voters, because that person will beat Obama.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for posting.

Mitt played it smart and thoughtful.

Makes me think a little less of Bachmann since she was so ready to jump on Romney not signing and indicating that Romney changed his mind in the last election. That was not true. He changed his status while Gov. of MA. Sloppy attack by Bachmann. While I've personally liked her, I think she is tooooo much of a "cheerleader" (like Palin) for me as POTUS. And.....too ready to sign anything to get their support.

Anonymous said...

I bet some of the other candidates wish they had not signed it