Monday, June 6, 2011

Facebook Friends

There are at least 3 web-sites in the country where I am known as an opinionated controversial character, but for the most part, I lay low on Facebook. However, this weekend, I snapped and got into a fight with a Gingrichite Facebook friend. That in and of itself is a sideshow; however, it got me thinking. How many other Facebook friends like that guy and who else to my Facebook Friends like? A few of my FaceBook friends are second cousins once removed who live overseas, but most of my Facebook friend live in America, but not all are Republican or Conservative and of course few are quite the political junkies I am. In any event, I decided to check out who among my FB friend like the main GOP candidates and potential candidates.
The numbers will exceed 100% because many people sympathize with multiple camps, but here is my list:

Palinites 26%
Romneyites 9%
Bachmannites 8.5%
Jindalites 6%
Gingrichites 6% (good grief!)
Paulites 6%
Pencians 5%
Huckabeeites 4.5%
Pawlentyites 4%
Thompsonites 3%
Cainians 2%
Santorumites 2%
Perryites 2%
Danielsites 2%

I realize that at least a few of the above people are not running and I sorry if I forgot anybody. While this is not scientific, I am sure that at least a few of you have many more friends than I do and I’d be interested in the breakdown.


Revolution 2012 said...

Hi OJ,

I don't have a Facebook page but I would imagine that if I did, a larger percentage would be Romney supporters.

My guess is that people you associate with tend to have similar views.

I could be wrong, just a guess.

Ohio JOE said...

"My guess is that people you associate with tend to have similar views." Yes, I think that is for the most part true.

Shhhh, I just got another Facebook request. I better go check it out.

BOSMAN said...

Hey OJ,

I really don't have a Facebook page either, other than under "Right Speak".

Looking at the photos, I see some Romney badges and photos of Palin, but nothing of any other candidates.

The difference and where you're at an advantage is that your facebook page is made up of acquaintances you are more or less familiar with. Right Speak facebook is not.

Ohio JOE said...

Haha, yes I am acquainted wiht most of my FB friends. For the record, I am well aware that FB friend do not (by definition) represent the country as a whole, but I thought it interesting fun nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Something interesting...Obama gets approx 70,000 new FB members every day. Palin gets approx 6,500 each day. Mr Romney doesn't seem to interested in social networking...he gains only a few new members everyday. FB members should be asking all of their like friends to join Romney's FB site to help pump up his FB numbers.

GetReal said...

Interesting idea for a post, OJ. Seems you have a fairly politically diverse group of friends, although mostly Palinites.

Anonymous said...

All my facebook friends could give a rat's ass about politics and politicians. Although ive asked some what they think of romney and they say "flip flopper" or "mormon", while about palin they say "quitter" or "dumb". So they just go with the hearsay talking points.

Right Wingnut said...


Re: Obama's 70,000/day. I believe your math is way off. That would account for 25,000,000/year. he has 21 million and change right now. I believe he had 6 million when he took office nearly 2.5 years ago.

You forgot to sign your post with your trademark, "Romney 2012."

hamaca said...

Interesting idea, OJ. What this can tell us is the extent to which we tend to associate with people of our own political persuasions.

I signed up for FB a year or two ago, but have not been active--about all I do is accept the "friend" requests. Probably more than half of my "friends" are Europeans--that might actually be educational seeing who they'd prefer!

Pablo said...


Interesting. Like you, I lay low on politics on my Facebook page. More than half of my "Facebook friends" probably couldn't care about politics. There other half is a wide range of people from all political perspectives.