Friday, June 17, 2011

Eleven Countries including Mexico are suing Georgia over it's Immigration Law

Mexico and 10 other countries have joined the legal fight against Georgia’s tough new immigration law, warning that the strict crackdown could jeopardize close ties between the U.S. and its Latin American neighbors.
The nations filed briefs late Wednesday in support of liberal groups who asked a federal judge to declare Georgia’s new law unconstitutional and block it from taking effect.
The filing marks a new phase in the legal showdown that has pitted Georgia’s attorneys against groups who had threatened to challenge the law even before it was adopted by lawmakers. Mexico’s move also echoes the legal strategy it pursued to challenge tough new immigration rules enacted by other states. Attorneys representing Mexico filed briefs challenging similar legislation adopted in Arizona and Utah.
The full story is HERE.


larry said...

Aren't we a sovereign nation anymore?

This case is the most ridiculous thing I've heard about recently.

Anonymous said...

Citizens of Arizona are already familiar with this tactic, since it has already been used to stop the enforcement of laws here. What I see is a lot of countries receiving huge amounts of real money from people working in the US illegally, willing to do whatever it takes to protect their share of the handouts. Unfortunately, the tax payers are again the ones who shoulder the financial burden.

Shame on our federal government for making our legal immigration laws almost impossible to navigate while backhandedly inviting illegal immigration of the poorest of the poor and then insisting that they are "entitled" to receive help from the taxpayers.


zeke said...

I don't understand how foreign countries can have a stand in U.S. Courts over a law that was passed to find illegal immigrants.

This is pathetic.

Revolution 2012 said...

Only in America would a sham like this be tolerated.

GetReal said...

Considering Mexico's draconian immigration laws, they've got a lot of gall jumping on this.

cindy said...

This is terrible. States can't even protect their borders without foreign interference.