Thursday, June 9, 2011

CBS NEWS: Drive To the Nomination (VIDEO)

On the first episode of "Drive to the Nomination," political reporter Brian Montopoli talks about who is leading the pack of announced and possible 2012 Republican presidential candidates.


Anonymous said...

washington post has an article criticizing romney for believing man contribute some to global warming. They even mentioned C4P in their article saying palin supporters are likening romney to obama with similar views about global warming.I guess palin supporters are refusing to believe there are video evidences showing palin once also said that man contribute some to global warming, until she flip flopped.

Noelle said...

With Huntsman polling at 1%, and this guy putting him currently in 2nd place in the "drive to the nomination," this guy loses quite a bit of credibility in my book. He has him leading everybody but Romney. Seriously? That's awfully generous, and quite ridiculous.

Revolution 2012 said...


I agree. This Huntsman hype is BS and a lot of wishful thinking by the Democrats and liberal media.