Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

Cartoon by Eric Allie

Sad but true, our Commander in Chief cares more about winning back the far left than he does listening to his own Generals' recommendations.


Anonymous said...

That's because he's Commander-And-Chump.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

I actually think this is more about dividing the Republican party than anything else.

This decision was made shortly after the second debate, in which most Republican candidates talked about pulling out of Afghanistan once the job is DONE.

When Obama saw Lindsey Graham, John McCain, John Bolton, and others criticizing the candidates, Obama saw an opening.

Could be a combination of reasons why Obama did this.

BOSMAN said...


I agree!

Obama will spread this out far enough to hope for some kind of bounce in popularity around the general election.

Anonymous said...

I love the cartoon, but it'll be harder for the message of "Polls and Politics ahead of our soldiers lives" to get much traction with General Petreaus on board.