Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

Cartoon by Stahler


Anonymous said...

I don't want an entertainer, a cheerleader or a teleprompter orator.

I want a proven leader with experience in turning things around and getting America back to work rather than getting checks from the government.

If I feel they can do that, they'll get my vote!


larry said...

The soup may be bland, but it's edible, healthy, and will cure what ails you.

The Obama soup has been around much to long and has gone bad!

BOSMAN said...

Be careful what you put in the soup, Independents tastes aren't as strong as ours and they're eating with us this time!

Revolution 2012 said...

Most American's are 40+ and have to watch what we eat. To much spice isn't good for you. BLAND is good!