Saturday, June 4, 2011

Al Jazeera's Coverage of Mitt Romney's Presidential announcement: Fair & Ballanced

I hate to admit this, but after viewing the following Al Jazeera piece, I believe their short news segment of the Mitt Romney presidential announcement seemed fairer and far superior when compared to much of the Main Stream media. BETTER YET, Sarah Palin was mentioned as an AFTER THOUGHT. About 15 SECONDS WORTH!

So my question is, Are they that good, or has American media lowered their standards?

Well, I thought it was interesting so here it is:

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Anonymous said...

American media has definitely lowered their standards. I mean when your tv station breaks away from a presidential contenders announcement speech to cover something like "weinergate", somethings definitely wrong.

Ohio JOE said...

I like to follow many new services around the world, but if you do not want a biased opinion of Canada, Australia and Britain, do not watch the CBC, ABC and BBC respectively. On the other hand the internal politics of Turkey, Malaysia and Denmark are no skin off their noses. So in short, all American media, (TV, radio, newspaper and internet) have axes to grind and they have skin in the game. All are a at least a little biased one way or the other. Some are more informative and some are more over the top.

Anonymous said...

The alphabet stations......and even the FOX....have a hard time JUST reporting the facts. FOX can hardly say anything about a candidate w/out a word about Palin.

That was a fair report. Haven't watched much AlJareeza....probably won't.......but good to see FAIR can be done....

Noelle said...

I agree that was pretty good reporting. I found it interesting that he referred to Sarah Palin as the darling of the ultra conservative Tea Party movement. The reason I found it interesting is that in its early days, the Tea Party boasted that it was made up of both Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats jeered, and said that the Tea Party is just a branch of the Republican Party. In its early days I found myself drawn to the Tea Party because of its support of fiscal discipline. (TEA = Taxed Enough Already.) Lately, though, that does not seem to be its primary objective. I'm not sure what its objective is anymore.

I believe that Romney was the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party because of his fiscal discipline.

I read an article that Martha shared in the chat box that was written by an evangelical, that talked about Romney. ( In that article he states "He is also very self-disciplined. And—here’s the big one—he’s kind of neither a “conservative,” nor a “liberal.” He’s a fiscal disciplinarian—what I personally think the country needs, right now."

I agree with Mr. Schenck. Romney does have the kind of fiscal discipline we need right now.

Ohio JOE said...

"I agree with Mr. Schenck. Romney does have the kind of fiscal discipline we need right now." We need a lot more than discipline, we need some economic shock therapy. Capitalism on steroids might work.

Revolution 2012 said...
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Revolution 2012 said...


American media left the news business a long time ago.

If a story doesn't have shock value to it, they'll just add some of their own to please those with short attention spans.