Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tim Pawlenty: Was 'open to' mandate, a 'worthy goal' back in 2006

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said in a 2006 speech that mandated health insurance was a "potentially helpful" -- but incomplete -- solution to the problem of the uninsured.
Pawlenty described a Massachusetts-style mandate in his speech as "a worthy goal and one that we're intrigued by and I think at least open to," but suggested that the central health care problem was not forcing people to buy insurance but helping them afford it.
Here is the audio of Pawlenty's speech from 2006:
The section on the mandate is on the first half of the following sound bar. If you drag the time bar approximately 1/4 inch, you should be in the area of Pawlenty's comments. Unfortunately, The audio is set at the source to automatically start. You will need to hit the pause button to turn off.:
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Bill589 said...

Every Republican Contender Has Supported an Obamacare-style Mandate at One Time, except for Sarah Palin.

The difference is unflippinbelievable.

Barracudas Maximus 2012

BOSMAN said...

Add to the list also, Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, and ANYONE who supported Romney in 08 to the list as well.

If they weren't pro-mandate, they AT LEAST were Ok with the fact that MA had the right to use in in that state.

Anonymous said...

Is it fair to say each one (Daniels, TPaw, Mitt) supported it at the state level as opposed to the Obamacare" style federal mandate? I'm sure Romney's team is keeping TPaw's quotes handy.

BOSMAN said...


I'd say that would be their logical Argument.

Romney felt it was best for MA to get the freeloaders in check.

Anonymous said...

The Heritage Foundation was 110% behind Romney back then.

I'm sure there are a lot of videos out there with these folks being Pro-mandate and or praising Romney (like Santorum, Pawlenty, DeMint, Cain, etc.

Wouldn't be surprised to see them all surface in the 2012 race. Including Palin praising Romney prior to the 08 primary in Alaska.


Anonymous said...

I'm more open to voting for Romney now since I read this article:
I think the mandate fits well within the state level and not federal.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anon I read that article as well, it's a good one.

GetReal said...

Bill, nobody was asking Palin questions like that back when the mandates were popular with Republicans, so who knows how she would have felt back then.

Anonymous said...

Bill, so does that mean palin is the most qualified person who will solve our nations problems and is the BEST person for the job??

Hell to the N-O.

Bill589 said...

Hey Anon,

Well over three million people say ‘flippin hell yes.’

Do some research.

Bill589 said...

Some people can’t give Palin an inch - even when it’s clear she deserves at least that inch.

Bill589 said...

"If my critics saw me walking over the Thames they would say it was because I couldn't swim."
- Margaret Thatcher

BOSMAN said...


""If my critics saw me walking over the Thames they would say it was because I couldn't swim."
- Margaret Thatcher"


Bill, I promise you, that if Palin walks across the Thames, I will become a BELIEVER!