Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stop Apologizing!

While I was watching Huck's show Saturday in an attempt to get to his announcement at the end, I was surprised by the gullibility of one of his guests. The Concerned Women of America (don't know her name) leader remarked how she was impressed with Tim Pawlenty's apology for his past support for Cap and Trade and that she thought that Mitt Romney should have done the same for his health care plan. Does she really think that Tim Pawlenty has internally repudiated his previous thoughts on Cap and Trade? Does she not understand that he is just apologizing because Cap and Trade is no longer a popular position to take within the Republican Party?

Then there was Newt doing everything but kiss Paul Ryan's rear today. Why should Newt apologize for disagreeing with Ryan's plan? Are we not allowed to debate this issue? Ryan's plan is a conversation starter. It will not turn into law, I guarantee you. There will be significant compromise, or there will be no plan at all. Republicans might as well start talking about how they are going to compromise. There is no chance in hades that Ryan's plan passes the Senate without significant change now or after 2012.

But either way, can we please stop apologizing for public policy choices? You apologize when you hurt somebody's feelings, not when you take a stand on an issue.


Bill589 said...

Pablo -
“Does she not understand that he is just apologizing because Cap and Trade is no longer a popular position to take within the Republican Party?”

This sounds too personal to me. Maybe with more data, etc. - how do you know he hasn’t truly changed his mind?

I have a theory, though it is hard to prove, that some politicians actually mean what they say. I’m sure they’re a minority. Rare even. Yet I believe good politicians can change their mind about an issue. Look at Mitt.

PS - IMO, Man caused global warming: Wrong.
Ryan’s plan at least to start with: Right

hamaca said...

Silly people. Always on the look out for apologies from people they've disagreed with.

I disagree with them on the need for apologies every time they disagree with someone. I demand an apology. They should apologize.

BOSMAN said...

I agree Pablo, It's getting ridiculous.

Many non-Republicans look at us every time someone falls out of LOCK-STEP with what the Conservative pundits deem acceptable, and have to have a big laugh for themselves.

These conservative pundits want ROBOTS in lock-step with their values. Don't present anything that's controversial or that requires DEBATE.

Revolution 2012 said...

I can't remember when it was as bad as it is now.

I think it's part of the mentality out there now, Tea Party?, i don't know.

The same group who are screaming for Gingrich to vaporize are the same ones who like to call everyone RINOS.