Saturday, May 7, 2011

SLAPDOWN: Condi Rice 1, Lawrence O'Donnell 0


Noelle said...

Condaleeza Rice is so very well spoken, confident and bold. If George W. Bush had some of her ability to express thoughts clearly he may have left office with better popularity. And anybody who puts Lawrence O'Donnell in his place is okay by me.

Anonymous said...

I like her! Lawrence is a tool.

Anonymous said...

She should have asked him instead if Libya was a threat to new yorkers.

Ellie said...

She would make an excellent veep for Romney!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was an insane interview. She had me grinning ear to ear.

Revolution 2012 said...

I agree that Romney could not to wrong with Rice on the ticket!

Anonymous said...

ah yeah..she's a condescending moron, who pandered to a moron--bush...she has been named worst security advisor since the position was

Anonymous said...

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