Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sarah Palin at the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Run (VIDEO & SlideShow)

Reporting from Washington— Sarah Palin's much-publicized "One Nation" bus tour got off to a chaotic and rumbling start Sunday in Washington, with no bus in sight and the potential presidential candidate only occasionally popping into view.
The former Alaska governor, who has indicated she is still contemplating a run for the White House in 2012, showed up at a motorcycle rally at the Pentagon, clad in black leather, a black helmet and sunglasses, riding on the back of a motorcycle driven by an unidentified woman.
The full story is HERE.

Here is a SLIDE SHOW with several photos from the day:


Anonymous said...

Hummm....not sure how I feel about me that is not very presidentual ): I am not sure this will win many votes. Infact, I have lost some respect for her from this. I want someone that will elevate ourselves to the best we can be.....this doesn't do it for me.

tammy said...


you're right. I don't get what the big deal is?

She's just being chaufered around on a motorcycle.

How is this going to help my kid land a job just coming out of college.

FLASH and no substance.

Doug NYC GOP said...

From the story:

"The bus tour has been a staple of presidential campaigns, but Palin's effort was as much a mystery as her future political plans. Tours are usually highly choreographed to present the candidate making multiple speeches in front of rapturous crowds, as a sort of rolling campaign commercial.

In Palin's case, however, there was no indication where she would appear next or whether she would even speak publicly"

I know I'm too dim to "get" Palin, but I have missed the point of this tour since announced. What is she going to be doing? Who does she expect to be there to watch her do it?

Doug NYC GOP said...

I side with Pawlenty on this one. I find her increasingly tiresome, distracting and un-serious.

We know she loves the Constitution, but what exactly are all those "commonsense solutions" she keeps speaking so vaguely about?

She may like tofight like a girl, but is not time for her lead like an adult?

Anonymous said...

Doug, if u don't know her stances by now, I don't think that's a reflection on her as much as it is a reflection on you.


Anonymous said...

I see all this as more of Palin's sickness that requires her to be the center of attention, even if it's at the expense of the Veterans. This was nothing more than a photo-op. She is no more a biker than I am a writer. No biker wears stilettos, however, there are many biker chics who pose for photos where they tease with their tongue like Sarah did today. She will never sit in the oval office. If she does, then America is noting but trash.

TexasConservative said...

Well I have several thoughts on this.

1. Daniels is a motorcyclist and graced the cover of National Review on his motorcycle. So pretty cool if it were Daniels revving up the base. Because it is Palin, those that don't like her think it is trashy.

2. It is truly amazing how Palin blinks and the media surrounds her every move. Who even knows what the other candidates were doing this weekend, as Palin is in the spotlight.

3. As someone who no longer has a dog in the hunt, I would like to focus on the candidates who are running so that I can assess their strengths and weaknesses. Palin, by doing this, becomes a distraction and good candidates lose their opportunity to talk about the issues.

4. If Palin runs, she will become the sole focus of both the left and the right. It will throw off whatever strategy Romney, Pawlenty, Huntsman, and Bachmann have. Cain, Paul and Johnson won't be affected by Palin.

GetReal said...

I don't see anything particularly presidential (or all that unpresidential) about this, but some of these anti-Palin comments lately are really over the top. Mainly the ones that don't use a name.

Doug NYC GOP said...

I know JR, it's always the fault of the Palin doubters, etc, etc, etc.

In the short time I have right now, I tried Googling Palin on these two topics/questions:

What is Sarah Palin's Entitlement Reform plan?(No plan except she endores Ryan's Road map)

What is Sarah Palin's Health Care Reform plan? (Aside from being against ObamaCare, there is no plan?)

In fact for Entitlement reform, the first item popping up is a RightSpeak article, defending Palin, by none other than our very own Pablo. How funny is that!

Nothing on Google results page one outlined a Palin plan for either topic. (If you have to go to page 20 on Google to find something substantial, that's not good.)

Now I did find this site has many Palin positions listed, but most are older (2008-2010) and a lot has happened since then.

So rather than sidestep the question and waste time belittling me, why not help educate us on Governor Palin's policy proposals. I understand she would govern, if elected, as a conservative, but what details has she provided?

Help a brother out, man.

Anonymous said...

Is saying sarah palin is a money and powerhungry spotlight seeking mediawhore a bad thing? Im wondering because my comment was deleted. Ive seen worse language and F bombs in comments that were not deleted. Please fill me in on the policy for commenting.

Bill589 said...

Doug - Go to C4P. Find the policy button. Push it. Ask somebody there if you need help. And btw, she is a citizen non running for anything as of yet - so what are you so upset about.

She is here. She is clear. And she is not going away. You'll get SP policies everywhere in due time.

Bill589 said...

Do you want to know what presidential is?

Standing (or riding) as a citizen to honor those that gave their lives for us.

Do you want to know what blinds people to this if it is SP?


Anonymous said...

Pushing ahead of the real bikers for a six second photo-op is not presidential. It's just more of Sarah's "It's all about me" clown show.

In regards to C4P policy button....OMG, what a joke. C4P is just like Sarah's book...nothing but lies and delusions. C4P has got to stop making things up.

Anonymous said...

“This is awesome,” Palin told HuffPost of the event. “This is good. Anything we could do for all the vets.”

What the hell did they do? Give them money? No, that's not it. Oh, I know... She smiled and waved at everyone at an event that should have been rather somber.

Sarah's disgusting behavior was a selfish distraction and disrespectful to the hard working bikers of Rolling Thunder.

Anonymous said..., Todd and your kids crashed the Rolling Thunder Rally. And this qualifies you for president HOW?

Anonymous said...

Sarah only rode a few feet in the Pentagon parking lot. That's typical; she can never go the distance on anything, but this time she didn't even make it half way. QUITTER!

Anonymous said...

Morning all! Happy Memorial Day to those of us who can respect our vets and not use them for a trashy photo-op.

Anonymous said...

Doug, I would follow Bill's advice if I were you...go to C4P and look up policy...I think they have a link right on the front should answer all of your questions. I know you're tempted to believe the Litman crowd that C4P has spun everything about Palin but remember, they will be here in droves if Romney is the nominee and it will not be in support of Mitt. And just so you know, if that is the case, I will be here, everyday, defending Mitt against their baseless, hysteric attacks.


Doug NYC GOP said...


You sond like a reasonable guy most times and I respect your being polite on all occasions.

However there are few things more exhausting than discussing Palin with a Palin fan.

If you express the slightest bit of dissent, you are told you are lazy, uninformed, etc.

If you express the slightest bit of dissent, you are requested to explain, in detsail, how you could possibly think that way.

When you do explain your self, laying out your thoughts in calm, cogent manner, you're told not be upset, hysterical or paranoid.

One one side of your mouth comes the advice to go to C4P, out of the other comes the statement, they'll be policy soon enough.


If you can't explain your gal in a few lines instead of sending folks here, hither and yon, that's your trouble, not mine.

On one hand, everything Palin does is touted as an example of great leadership or presidential behaviour. If that is challenged, rather than discuss the opinion, the dissenter is raked over.

Too flippin'funny to be believed.*

*(The above response is to be read in a half astonsihed/half mocking tone, as Palin is never worth getting "upset" over. This is to avoid any misconceptions about the author's emotional state at the time of posting)

Anonymous said...

Doug, you have an answer for everything...especially when someone would expect that you might do some research before you eschew your opinions about Palin on the issues.

When given the opportunity to educate yourself about Palin's stance by giving a simple direction that outlines her entire policy record and stances on mock the messenger as not being able to express her policies to you...I don't know why I even bother.


Anonymous said...

Rep west, who is not one of my fav's, but is a real vet and a real motorcycle rider was really p.o. that she tried to hijack Rolling Thunder.

RAM and JAson R. must be proud of themselves for this stunt. I think it could backfire - big time.

Right Wingnut said...

I've come to the conclusion that this is all just a waste of time. There are no undecideds here. Nothing any of us say will change minds at Right Speak. What is the point?

Right Wingnut said...

More fucking lies. Allen West did not utter a negative word about Palin attending. Go back to you hole.

Anonymous said...

It's clear to everyone...Palin was not invited and was not welcome at the Rolling Thunder rally where she just pushed herself to the front of the line. Trust me, Rolling Thunder riders are pissed about her selfish attitude, in fact they're pissed about her entire family being there acting lie bikers....geez, does everything always have to be all about Sarah?

SARAH 12 said...

West Really looks upset, doesn't he:

Doug NYC GOP said...

JR - Forget me, I'm a lost cause where Palin is concerned.

I did accept the "Dodge the Issue Again" challenge and checked out C4P. I clicked the Issues tab. I really don't want to have to sift throught Ian Lazarian's versions of what Palin's policy positions are. Frankly, I don't have that much time.

I'll just be patient and if she runs, hope they'll be more clearly available.

Now going fwd, I hope you apply the same stringent standards to yourself regarding Romney or any other candidate, as you expect of others when dicussing Palin.

I don't who Litman is or why I should care.

Doug NYC GOP said...

RWN - "I've come to the conclusion that this is all just a waste of time. There are no undecideds here. Nothing any of us say will change minds at Right Speak. What is the point?"
Who's mnd are looking to change?

Is your mind open to change?

None of us like to read negative opinions about our candidate of choice, but part of the experience is accepting you'll not be in agreement with evertone, all the time, if ever.

I think having realistic expectations, along with the ability to ignore the outlandish, fringe commnets, will make you a little less frustrated.

Anonymous said...

A Vietnam Veteran's Letter To Sarah Palin
by Deb Romilly on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 5:11pm

For some time now, you have been an amusing, albeit mostly incoherent annoyance. But today you crossed a line. With that high cut helmet, carefully designed to allow your professionally coiffed hair to flow freely, you have tried to hijack a moment that you can't even begin to understand. You decided that an event that has for years been intended to call attention to our POW/MIAs would make a really cool photo-op, as well as a great kick-off for your next get-rich-quick scheme.

Well, Sarah, you picked my war this time. I had several buddies, two of whom died within a couple of meters of me, and you zoomed right past their names on The Wall today; winking and smiling all the way. You weren't invited, you weren't welcome, but when has that ever stopped you?

Did you make a few extra bucks for your PAC? If so, I hope that helps you sleep tonight. Because you see, Sarah, my buddies have been sleeping for 40 years; and if they knew that a two-bit grifter like you would one day be making money off of their sacrifice, they might not be resting as easily as I hope they are tonight.

I'm a Christian, Sarah, and I don't say this lightly ... God damn you, Sarah Palin.

Revolution 2012 said...

If there is a positive side to this, Palin has all these lame reporters running around looking for bits of news that isn't there.

Anonymous said...

Palin was wise to remove herself from politics. She's such a scapegoat now, it's quite distracting for liberals who cannot think about 2 things at the same time.
Good for her on that
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