Wednesday, May 25, 2011

President Oblunder does London

The president and the orchestra at Buckingham Palace this evening were a bit out of synch.

When the president toasted the Queen the orchestra misunderstood a pause and what seemed to be a cue from the president for “God Save the Queen” to begin playing.

“Ladies and gentlemen please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast,” the president said, putting down his note cards and grabbing his glass. “To her majesty the Queen.”

The president paused, the guests stood, and the orchestra prepared to play.

But the president wasn’t done speaking.

The full story is HERE.

Now I have the perfect explanation for this time lapse. You see, while everyone there was on 2011 time, Our President was on 2008 time as seen from his signature in the official guest book:


Noelle said...

I can understand accidentally writing last year's date (2010), but to be off by 3 years? That's just weird. Or maybe he is still basking in the glow of his success in 2008. After all, since then he has not had much to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Obama...always good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe just a few years ago this guy was a rabble rouser in Chicago - now look at him! Now he's screwing up toasts to her majesty, the queen.

Anonymous said...

Good one, MikeZ! I really laughed at that one.


Test said...