Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PPP Polling: Mitt Romney Beats Obama in Arizona

Obama trails only one Republican- Mitt Romney- in a hypothetical match up in the state. Romney has a 48-44 advantage against him. This makes Arizona the third state in the last month, along with Nevada and Pennsylvania, where we've found Romney as the only Republican who leads Obama. Romney and Mike Huckabee generally post similar numbers against Obama in our national polling but that's because Huckabee posts much larger leads than Romney against Obama in southern states that the GOP will win regardless of who the party's nominee is. Romney is clearly proving to be the stronger candidate in important swing states, meaning that for whatever it's worth he has claim to the 'electability' mantle right now. (emphasis mine)
Favorable/Unfavorable/Not sure:

Mitt Romney 45/37/17 (+8)
Mike Huckabee 35/48/17 (-13)
Sarah Palin 32/62/5 (-30)
Newt Gingrich 26/59/15 (-33)
Donald Trump 24/66/10 (-42)

Head-to-Head: (Obama/Candidate/Undecided)

Mitt Romney 44/48/8 (+4)

Mike Huckabee 46/44/10 (-2)
Newt Gingrich 47/40/13 (-7)
Donald Trump 48/38/16 (-10)
Sarah Palin 49/38/13 (-11)
PPP surveyed 623 Arizona voters from April 28th to May 1st. The margin of error for the
survey is +/-3.9%.
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BOSMAN said...


Donald Who?

Closer To Home said...

As we contemplate swing states/battleground states, I hope this is a favorable indicator about how Romney would do across the border in NV, NM, and CO in the general.

ConMan said...

Someone here needs to do a post on all the swing states where Romney is the Only Republican beating Obama.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show you what a little exposure lately for Mitt will do. It may be over, once he announces at this rate.


kelly said...

Romney seems to be beating Obama in many of the tough states.

Anonymous said...

I can believe this poll. If McCain hadn't been FROM Arizona in 2008, Romney would have had a better shot at it. As it was, Romney didn't do much campaigning here. In 2012, Romney has a very good chance of winning Arizona. His religion isn't as much of a challenge here as it is in the midwest and south, which also helps.

Arizonans have also suffered terribly from the recession. My husband says that 75 percent of the civil engineers here have lost their jobs in the last 3 years. It has been devastating. Arizonans are very concerned about the economy and the border. Most know that Obama will not only refuse to enforce immigration laws, he will make every effort to make sure states can't enforce them either. This will give the Republican candidate, whoever it is, an edge in Arizona.


Revolution 2010 said...

Romney's critics need to take a LONG LOOK at his strength in swing states. ESPECIALLY, if winning on 2012 is important to them.