Thursday, May 19, 2011

Palin Calls Rush Limbaugh Lame

Let's review what has happened in the past week.

1. Gingrich blasts Ryan's budget plan.

2. The Conservative media blasts Gingrich.

3. Gingrich apologizes and kisses Ryan's rear.

4. Palin goes on Hannity and blasts Gingrich and the "left-wing, lamestream media" for causing Gingrich to change his position.

Here, here, and here are those lamestream left-wingers that Palin is talking about. It is about time that Palin recognized that Rush is lame, but "left-wing" is probably going a little too far.


BOSMAN said...

Hi Pablo,

You're right. I picked up on that last night as well.

I chalk it up to her mouth leading he brain on that particular comment.

All i all though, I thought it was a good interview on her part.

One of the reasons being, that Palin seemed a little more forceful/determined than usual. She didn't seem to let Hannity lead her where HE WANTS. She needs to do that more often.

OhioJOE said...

"Palin Calls Rush Limbaugh Lame" That is factually not true, but hey, I guess facts do not matter. Further, she did not even use the particular word 'lame' this time round.