Monday, May 9, 2011

Newt Gingrich IS IN: Is Newt INC, enough to make him a serious contender?

In the 13 years since he suffered a string of political setbacks and quit the third most powerful job in Washington, Newt Gingrich has been busily laying the foundation for a comeback to an even grander perch.

On any given day, the former Speaker of the House can be found on a chartered jet headed to Iowa to train future GOP candidates through his American Solutions group, or in Phoenix discussing ways to lower health-care costs with drug makers through his for-profit Center for Health Transformation. He might also be in Philadelphia, narrating a film produced by Gingrich Productions, or in Texas, reaching out to conservative Latino leaders through his bilingual news and commentary website, the Americano.
Click the photo below for a larger view of Newt INC:

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BREAKING NEWS! Newt IS IN and will formally announce this Wednesday.


BOSMAN said...

Depending on who runs, He is destined to be a 3rd/4th place finisher.

carlo said...

Does anyone really care what Gingrich does?

ellie said...

I'm thinking he's out around Iowa.

Anonymous said...

I think he'll stick it out until at least FL.


Anonymous said...

The problem is the guy will shine on the debate stage. Whether we like it or not, I don't see him going away anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Will Calista have him on a very short leash? it's not like he has a great track record when he 'gets busy'. She's most likely told his handlers that they need LOS at all times. (line of site).