Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mitt Romney revs up his Florida MONEY MACHINE

Mitt Romney is in Florida today as part of his fundraising efforts:
While Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum are meeting and greeting in Florida, Mitt Romney returns to Jacksonville to raise dough with Who's who of Republican elites.

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Closer To Home said...

I hear they raised another $300k. Projections are that Mitt will have $40 million to report for the 2nd quarter.

ConMan said...

I keep hearing that the Big Money people are looking around.

This obviously is a figment of the Anti-Romney clubs imagination.

kelly said...

Romney will have earned the Presidency the man has been non-stop in his efforts.

I hopw his hard work pays off.

Anonymous said...

I admit I'm warming up to Mitt's new toothpaste logo. It's very distinguished and classy...reminds me of somebody!

Revolution 2012 said...

Romney is doing EVERYTHING RIGHT!