Friday, May 13, 2011

Mitt Romney: Health Care Address (VIDEO & SLIDE SHOW 05-12-11)

Mitt Romney gave a major address today on Health Care in America. I the address, Romney pointed out the differences between his MA Health Care Plan and Obamacare and went on to present a plan that called for the repeal of Obamacare and the rights of states to determine their own health care need.

The following is the video WITHOUT the Q&A:

The following is the FULL PROGRAM:

Here are the slides from Romney's PowerPoint presentation:

If the Viewer is to slow to load below, you can view the slides HERE.
Romney Hcr Slides

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Anonymous said...

The speech was great, but I have to wonder if Democrats were running the cameras.

Why didn't they show us the slide presentation as those who were there were viewing the slides?

They didn't show 1 slide through the whole program other than from a distance.


Anonymous said...

This wasn't really a "speech" because it was a presentation. I agree that they should have cut to a slide once in a while. Still, Romney can speak. I don't think he used a teleprompter, but I know he didn't use one for the Q&A session afterwards. His answers were capable and intelligent--just as I expected them to be.

I'm glad that he's "sticking to his guns," to quote an old western phrase. No compromise on his religion, no apology for working to reform health care in Massachusetts. It wouldn't have helped him to repudiate MAcare, as he would be accused of another "flip-flop." I think he can weather this, especially since the economy is more important now than anything else.