Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mike Huckabee's Aides Say He Won't Run

.....Woody Fraser, Mr. Huckabee's Aides Say He Won't Run Huckabee's producer on Fox, said in a statement that the former governor "has not told anyone at Fox News Channel his decision."
Several Huckabee advisers said they believed Fox would not allow a host to use his own show on the network to announce a presidential campaign. Fox, which like The Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corp., suspended its contracts with Mr. Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum as they moved toward joining the presidential contest.
Mr. Rollins said he and other advisers met with Mr. Huckabee as recently as a week ago to go over his chances. They had assembled a strategy that foresaw him sweeping to victory in Iowa, then focusing on South Carolina, Florida and Texas.
But two weeks ago, Mr. Rollins said, Mr. Huckabee "started backing off" amid questions about whether he could raise sufficient campaign funds and build a working campaign operation. The answers to those questions were "yes," the campaign chief added. But Mr. Rollins said he raised a flag. "I said, 'If you don't have the fire in the belly, don't go,' " Mr. Rollins said. "I can't want it more for him than he wants it for himself.".....

The full story is HERE.


Revolution 2012 said...

Wouldn't it be funny is Huckabee was waiting for everyone's reaction to his announcement before making the final decision?

He may figure, I'm gone from Fox after today. I'll go one all these shows to build up for tonight, listen to everyone predict I'm not running, then announce HE IS!

And ALL THE PUNDITS and BLOGGERS would have fallen for it.

I'm not saying this will happen, but WHAT IF?

corep said...

Rev i think you are on to something there. The more i read today the more i think Huck is in. He hates Romney too much to let him coast to the victory. Ironically, Huck in the race might help Romney more than it hurts cause the socons will run to Huck and it will galvanize the establishment around Romney.

right now to me the wildcard is Daniels. He could take the establishment with him if he gets in.

larry said...

"right now to me the wildcard is Daniels. He could take the establishment with him if he gets in."

And Romney would become the anti-establishment candidate and WIN THIS TIME!

Corep said...

larry, how can Mitt go from the establishment candidate this week to the anti establishment candidate next week if Daniels gets in?

Daniels is truly the only one i fear at this point.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea for a new third party...

GetReal said...

Mitt is only considered an establishment candidate because he has a lot of big money backers. He's not exactly a Washington insider - as shown by the treatment he gets from them so often.

As for Daniels, he still has to get people who have never heard of him to actually vote for him. He might pull it off but its an impressive trick.

The upside is, at least Daniels, if he somehow beat Romney and then Obama, would make a good president. I'm not as worried at the prospect of him beating Romney as I am at some of the other contenders. I prefer Romney but I'm perfectly okay with Daniels if he pulls it off.