Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If We could only treat each other like dogs

altThe other day while commenting on Right Speak, I started to observe some comments that I thought were pretty funny. I then read the comment of another poster who felt that those same comments that I laughed at were over the top. In both instances, the posters were from 2 different political camps. So I started to wonder if there were any etiquette rules involved in the conduct of individuals who post on political sites?

So I started to Google and found rules for just about everything under the sun. None for political sites. Being a dog lover, I noticed a website that had rules that apply to dog shows. I started imagining Sarah Palin as a Pit Bull, Mike Huckabee as a Rat Terrier, and My favorite candidate Mitt Romney as an Irish Setter (No, we won't go there).

The American kennel Club has a long history of sporting competitions dating prior to 1884. There was no doubt in my mind that these people new how to treat dogs during competitions. In their literature I found, The American Kennel Club's AKC Code Of Sportmanship

So with a little imagination and some time to kill, I took it upon myself to see what I would end up with if switched the following terms in the AKC's Code. I made substitutions as follows:

Dogs = Candidates
Sportsmen = Political Bloggers (and people who post comments), or Candidate's supporters
AKC = On-line Political Blogging Sites
Sport = Debate

And Voila! The Rules For Political Blogging On-Line:
  • Bloggers respect the history, traditions and integrity of the candidates.
  • Bloggers commit themselves to values of fair play, honesty, courtesy, and vigorous competition, as well as winning and losing with grace.
  • Bloggers refuse to compromise their commitment and obligation to candidates by injecting personal advantage or consideration into their decisions or behavior.
  • Bloggers judge only on the merits of the candidates and considers no other factors.
  • Bloggers accepts constructive criticism of their candidate.
  • Bloggers decline to make judgment where it might reasonably appear that the judgment is based on something other than the merits of the candidates.
  • Bloggers respect the Blogging site's bylaws, rules, regulations and policies governing the discussion of candidates
  • Bloggers find that vigorous competition and civility are not inconsistent and are able to appreciate the merit of their competition and the effort of competitors.
  • Bloggers welcome, encourage and support newcomers to the sport.
  • Bloggers will deal fairly with all those who trade with them.
  • Bloggers are willing to share honest and open appraisals of both the strengths and weaknesses of their candidates.
  • Bloggers always consider as paramount the welfare of their Candidate.
  • Bloggers refuse to embarrass the debate, Blogging Site, or themselves while taking part in the debate.
Now I realize that these rules originally applied to DOGS and not political figures. But I have to wonder if there are rules to treat dogs in dog shows, why aren't there rules to treat candidates in political contests? if the supporters of one political figure treated supporters of other political figures according to AKC RULES, our debates would be more professional and less about our personal feelings and more about the candidates.

Political figures, like dogs, have different characteristics that many people like to dwell on. I've seen comments on religion, shape, and intellect. In dog competitions, many different types of dogs compete for BEST IN SHOW or TOP DOG. There's the Working, utility, hounds, toy, terrier, sporting, and herding groups. All with different backgrounds,training, and characteristics. All unique in their own particular way. You never hear fans of one particular group making snarky remarks about the physical characteristics or training of another type or group. No comments like, "that dog is too well groomed"or "boy is that dog fat". it seems that fans of dog shows realize that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. You won't hear anyone making fun of a particular dog because it missed a particular cue in an event. More than likely, you'll hear comments like "well done" or "with a little work, I can foresee improvement".

altI can't help but wonder, what would it be like if political contests were run like dog competitions? What if picking the best candidate for President was more like picking Best in Show or Top Dog?

Well, I know I was grasping at straws with this. Just chock it up as time to waste and a little wishful thinking.

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Bill589 said...

Wishful thinking is good IMO.
I’ll do my best.

The blue ribbon ugly dog - well the hair is a little off, but especially the way the eyes pop out reminds me a bit of Pelosi. Nothing personal against the dog.

ellie said...

Would we have to wear ill-fitting pant suits while commenting?

Thanks Bosman. (really!) BTW, my fav dog is the English Bulldog.

Anonymous said...

And Trump wins the ugly dog award.

Anonymous said...

So it's now perfectly legitimate to wish to ascertain Obama's pedigree?

Revolution 2010 said...


LOL, Sounds good to me!

ConMan said...

When I saw that photo, I thought it was a post on my mother-in-law!