Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'd take Sarah Palin Over Trump any day of the week

This is more of an observation than a post trying to make a specific point on something. I'd like to say up front that I'm not a Sarah Palin supporter and she would not be my first choice as President.

Lately with Donald Trump taking to the political stage, many of Sarah Palin's supporters have felt that a lot of the support she had, has gone to Trump.

As a Romney supporter myself, I can say without hesitation, that I could Support Palin in a heartbeat over the Republican disguised Trump if the GOP nomination came down to that.

The following is another example of why. Recently, Trump made a speech in which he used several swears and cuss words:

WARNING!!! Small Children should not present during this viewing!

Very Presidential Huh?

Some will argue, that "That's how everyone talks now". that maybe true. But EVERYONE isn't President of the United States.

I want a President whose personal values represent mine. I want a President who when he/she comes on the TV screen, you don't have to send the kids into the other room. Everyone can't be a roll model. The NEXT PRESIDENT needs to be one. Especially when you look at the direction that our society is heading. We don't need a potty mouth in the White House.

So to Sarah, anyone who left you for Trump, isn't worth your effort. Trump is a passing phase. Kind of like a bad case of gas. It eventually blows itself out.

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Granny T said...

IF Trump really wants to help America by ousting Obama why doesn't he challenge Obama on the Democrat ticket and force Obama to spend some of his campaign cash in the Primary election?

Anonymous said...


All kidding aside, The president should be above all the cussing......Evelio

Noelle said...

I would take any other potential GOP candidate over Trump. He is self-serving, opportunistic, hypocritical. I'm running out of adjectives to describe the utter contempt I feel towards Trump.

Any support Trump is getting from Republicans is a blight on the Republican party. I seriously question to motives of anyone who supports him. Trump's attacks on Obama are more vicious, more personal, and more self-serving than the attacks of other Republicans, but Trump does not bring with those attacks any credibility as he supported Obama in 2008. He is completely self-serving, and I hope that any Republican who support Trump will QUICKLY come to their senses!

Noelle said...

"Some will argue, that "That's how everyone talks now". that maybe true. But EVERYONE isn't President of the United States."

No, that is NOT how everyone talks. I don't talk that way, and no one in my circle of friends and acquaintances talks that way. Trump is appealing to the lowest common denominator, and I want the leader of this country, and by extension the leader of the free world to elevate us, not degrade us.

Anonymous said...

neither should be president. One runs up to that 'line' and the other crosses it.

Revolution 2010 said...

I couldn't support Trump under ANY circumstance!

Anonymous said...

I would never support either of them. Trump says the F word and Sarah uses WTF abbreviation......same difference. The both show their insecurities by using profanity to get attention.

Anonymous said...

"The both show their insecurities by using profanity to get attention."

Compared to some of our readers who derail thread after thread with vitiolic rants about Palin, regardless of whether she is pertinent or not to the topic of the blog.


Anonymous said...

It's a real Alice in Wonderland conversation when you're talking about choosing between Palin and Trump. Talk about a low bar.

Both are narcissists who need the spotlight, with little substance. Neither has what it takes to be president, but at least Palin has actually been a governor.

I agree with you on the foul language. Only an idiot would do what Trump did in Vegas.


Ann said...

How could anyone consider such a fowled mouth man as President of the United States.

It's bad enough to talk like that in private conversation. But when you talk like that publicly, it say's a lot about that person.

If had had respect for people, he would not use that language.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you all!!! Trump 2012!!!!