Saturday, May 21, 2011

Huckabee discusses Romney's 'lack of authenticity' with Bill O'Reilly

Is this a sneak preview of what's to come over the next several months? Apparently, Huckabee felt that he was talked down to by Romney in 2008. In addition, he feels that Romney suffers from a 'lack of authenticity' on life, same sex marriage, and gun issues. He attempted to play both sides by claiming that Romney would be a better president than Barack Obama, but that's of little consolation to the Romney camp after he all but called Mitt an elitist and suggested that he's weak on social issues.


Anonymous said...


RW, there's no doubt that this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Huckster is a jealous, bigoted and petty man. He can't help himself. There's plenty more to come--out in the open like this, and behind the scenes.

I can't help but ask, who is the 'Christian' between the two? It's more than obvious.

Poor Huck. He doesn't have the foggiest clue. He can't even hide the contempt and jealousy he feels.

Romney will get the last laugh, though.


CraigS said...

As a certified ROMBOT, I watched this bit on O'Reilly and I wasn't bothered at all by Huckabee's comments. In fact, the most critical phrases were " suggested " by O'Reilly and Huckabee was at pains to mute the suggested rhetoric to more accurately convey his feelings. I would not at all discount a Romney Huckabee ticket as the strongest the GOP could mount. I would also not be surprised to see Mitt as a guest on Huck's show


Machtyn said...

I was hopeful, but doubtful, that Huckabee (or, rather his supporters) would be as positive toward Romney as any of the other candidates. I'm not sure what burr Huckabee, or FoxNews for that matter, has against Romney, but they are not very fair nor balanced when it comes to this issue.

BOSMAN said...


"Romney will get the last laugh, though."


Only Romney will be laughing from the White House. While the Pillsbury Doughboy will be planning his second segment on, deep fried oreos, for his ever so failing in ratings weekend gig on Fox.

Anonymous said...

Craig, I understand what you are saying. Maybe if someone else had said Romney lacked authenticity, I wouldn't care too much.

But I put everything Huck says about Romney into context. The never-ending insults and comments sowing suspicion about Romney--including about his faith--have made Huck's thoughts clear.

After 2 years of it, committing to vote for him over Obama does NOTHING to redeem him for calling Romney untrustworthy 1000 different ways.

He basically continues to call Romney is a liar. Coming from Huck, that's rich indeed.

Huck will never get over Romney, and I have no doubt whatsoever that he intends to stop 'Romney the Mormon' from winning.


Bosman - Bless his (Huck's) heart!

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, make that 3+ years Huck has been slamming Romney for no reason.

I should take the example of Romney, and not worry about it. Romney has no time for such nonsense, and even if he did, wouldn't ever return the venom of Huck.


Revolution 2012 said...

It will be interesting to see his viewership numbers now that he's disappointed so many.

I'll predict minimal 50% drop.

Anonymous said...

He only said that he would support romney if he were the nominee because he had to.