Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Did Michele Bachmann just blow her chances in Iowa?

Did Michele Bachman just blow any chance of winning the Iowa Caucuses? It is said the Iowans are among the most fickled when it comes to chosing their favorite candidate.
In what prominent Iowa Republicans are calling an “embarrassment” and a “disaster,” undeclared GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) canceled a keynote appearance at a fundraiser, appearing instead via a “fuzzy Skype-style” video link. While some attendees were understanding, the Iowa Republican was brutal in their review of Bachmann’s appearance, and her chances in Iowa.

Bachmann missed the event in order to vote on the extension of The Patriot Act, but as the local news notes, the measure passed the House by a wide margin, so her vote was far from essential.

The Iowa Republican put it this way:
Bachmann will now be at a disadvantage in Polk County. She did not just skip the county fundraiser. People can forgive that, especially for an important vote. But Bachmann’s political organization stiffed the Polk GOP on $2,250 worth of tickets. She gave a horrendous presentation. She seemed oblivious to Donald Trump reneging on an important Republican fundraiser, while she was doing the same. She even played the victim card at one point, saying she was a target of death threats during her time in the Minnesota senate.

Nothing about Michelle Bachmann seemed presidential Thursday night. Many people thought Newt Gingrich sunk his campaign in the week after his presidential announcement. Bachmann might have dealt a fatal blow to her campaign before she announces.
The full story is here.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a Michelle Bachman fan at all, but really, Iowa. She was VOTING and was not blowing you off.

Anonymous said...

The newspaper seems to be making a bigger deal of her absence than the people. This story points out one problem of the Iowa and New Hampshire contests. They've become an "industry" for these states. Every four years, Iowa and New Hampshire get their own version of "Black Friday" where restaurants, motels, printing shops, and other businesses rake in millions of dollars of campaign money. Instead of the primary being a serious effort to find good candidates, they are a cash cow.

larry said...

I actually like Bachmann. She is my second choice.

I hope Iowan's can forgive someone from DC for actually doing their job and taking it seriously.

I'd love a Romney / Bachmann Ticket.

Ohio JOE said...

First all of, while I am a Palinite, I am not an anti-Bachmannite. There is room for more than one woman in the race.

With that out of the way, I can understand why Iowans would be upset with her not showing up. To be honest, I myself am upset that a few of the most Conservative politicians in Ohio claim that they are too busy to come to my county for a fundraising dinner so we are going to be stuck with a not so exciting middle of the road politicians for a speaker, but that is another story.

All, I respect Mrs. Bachmann for staying in DC and voting. While, America is experiencing many economic, political and cultural problems right now, I am still proud to be an American in part because whether you agree with them or not, most American politicians try to vote. Where I come from and in many other places in the world, if there is a contravertial vote, half the Parliament is supposedly sick in bed and cannot vote. While I realize that nobody can vote on every issue, I believe it is shenanigans to have a poor attendance record. Unlesss there is a bad snow storm, I show up for work, so I am glad that people like Mrs. Bachmann usually also show up for work.

hamaca said...

One of the downsides to always having Iowa and NH go first is that they have developed a sense of entitlement. Many seem to have become like spoiled children about their expectations of candidates.

Doug NYC GOP said...

With a very shaky Win/Loss record of Iowa Caucuc winners making it to the Nomination, they need to tone down their rhetoric.

Next GOP President needs to look at restructuring this entire format.

Thankfully a President Romney will have this fixed by the next open caucus in 2020.

Ohio JOE said...

"Next GOP President needs to look at restructuring this entire format." While I do not disagree that some restructuring is needed, with respect, I do not think that a GOP President has much to do with such restructuring.

GetReal said...

I've gotta side with Bachman on this one. A major vote is more important to the country than a personal appearance.

kelly said...

I like Bachmann.

She would be a good match for Romney as a running mate.