Monday, May 30, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Passing Romneycare - A Balanced View

Much has been written about Romneycare, most of which cannot be considered reliable. In many cases, it has been out-right dishonest, designed from the beginning to deceive.

This article from the Boston Globe, certainly no cheerleader for Romney, posted this morning, is the first of a five part series looking at how it became law and its ramifications in the subsequent 5 years. Since I have no idea of what will be in the next 4 installments, I don't think I can be accused of cherry-picking an especially favorable telling of the story. From what I read of the first installment, I recommend its reading to all.


bob (Plymouth, MA) said...

So the idea of the mandate came from the founder of Staples:

It happened during a conversation, “One of the things I mentioned,’’ said Stemberg, a Republican with conservative fiscal views and liberal social beliefs, “was the huge number of people going to the emergency room for care at a cost of three, four, five times what it costs to go to a doctor’s office.’’ That’s wrong, he told Romney, because they were passing along the cost of that care to others.

Sounds like a conservative GOOD BUSINESS idea to me!

MITT 12 said...

I read this article this morning. After reading it, I walk away with a different take. One of a New Governor who felt that:

1. everyone should have access to affordable health care regardless of their means.
2. NO ONE should indirectlly force tax payers to pay for their health care needs through their use of hospital emergency rooms, when THEY CAN afford to pay their own way.

This is called PROBLEM SOLVING!

BOSMAN said...

I thought it was a pretty good article.

I'm sure that it was a back handed complement on their part to some how cause harm yo Romney's chances.

There is an old saying, "Be careful what you wish for". I think this will have the opposite affect.

CraigS said...

I noted in the blog what happens if you choose to be confrontational and oppose anything and everything on the side of tight fiscal controls.
Rick Scott in Florida is polling 29 % and couldn't beat Raul Castro in an election. It is said he is Obama's secret weapon for 2012.
Good job Tea Partiers. One step closer to 4 more years of Obama

Anonymous said...

Hmm. After reading it, I thought my understanding on the issue became clearer and how innovative Mitt and his team are on solving problems. I give Mitt credit for providing a solution that majority of the Massachusetts people wanted. For Obamacare, not so much, majority of Americans didn't want Pres. Obama's plan.

New Romney Fan said...

"Hmm. After reading it, I thought my understanding on the issue became clearer and how innovative Mitt and his team are on solving problems."

I have to agree. This really was an excellent article. It explained how the whole thing came about and why.

Ohio JOE said...

"Good job Tea Partiers. One step closer to 4 more years of Obama" Instead of blaming Tea Partiers for 4 more years of Mr. Obama, come up with a plan (or alternative) that appeals to Tea Party voters.

Revolution 2012 said...

What a great article with some new insights.

Ric, I hope you continue the series?

Closer To Home said...

Thanks for commenting, all.

I too look forward to the rest of the series. I don't hold out that it will be a glowing review. My only hope is that it is truly honest.

What I got from the article was a historical perspective as to what people in 2004 thought was possible and appropriate re: political solutions to healthcare in the very unique MA environment. Those solutions/compromises were deemed within the pale by all parties, and had been supported nationally. They also came out of the shadow of failed Hilarycare, which some forget drove republicans to come up with an acceptable solution rather than propose nothing. Today, with no gun to their head, they say they would never support such a thing.

Recent disclosures show that many of our current crop of 2012ers toyed with and/or proposed similar things.

As an example, is it fair to judge the most liberal thinker of his time, the slave-owner Thomas Jefferson, against the standard of equality in 2011? How about judging FDR's economic policies of the 1930's against 2011? People can only act in the world in which they live. Everything else is science fiction.